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Thali Ka Baingan Strategies in Stock Market

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about Gemini as the ascendant of Management Astrology Chart of Trading in Stock Market. In this post, we will discuss how lessons learnt from this chart can help a trader generate huge profits from his trades. Ascendant is ruled by Gemini which symbolis…

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Hanuman Ji Teaches Sales and Marketing Part 1

Sales Force is perhaps the most valuable asset of an organisation, but often the most difficult to manage. I have mentioned in my previous posts about the relevance of Lord Hanuman Ji and Hanuman Chalisa to the Marketing profession. In a series of posts, I shall be describing how Hanuman Chalisa is …

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Do Not Call it Soap Mr Lever

We had announced in one of our previous posts that Ayurveda’s Management Astrology Chart belongs to Sagittarius ascendant, and owner of the ascendant Jupiter is present in its most traditional form.  Now consider two words, Soap and Body cleanser. Both are the same. Really? Not really. In Management…

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Unfair Means and Mass Marketing

Market Segmentation helps the marketers to adjust their marketing offer more in line with needs and wants of the customers. In this post, we are focusing on Mass marketing strategy where sellers engage in mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion for all buyers. We will cover various asp…

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Investment in Stock Market is Sagittarius

In one of our previous posts, we had discussed about the Management Astrology Chart of Trading in Stock Market. Similarly, Investment activity in Stock Market also has its own Management Astrology Chart. In this post, we are disclosing that the ascendant of the Chart belongs to Sagittarius. We will …

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Communication with Customers by Solar Marketers

Effective communication with customers is the backbone of any Business. Marketing department, which is the only revenue generator of any Business or Enterprise, is directly responsible for communicating with customers. Third house in Management Astrology is the house of communication and seventh hou…

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Aries in Banking/ Financial Jobs

Tenth house in Management Astrology deals with how the person is likely to conduct himself with respect to various professions. Eleventh house deals with how the person would earn income from profession.  We had announced the Management Astrology chart of banking/ Finance profession in one of our pr…

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Discovering and Solving Organisational Problems through Management Astrology

Eighth house in Management Astrology is an indicator of the kinds of problems an organisation can face. Analysis of eighth house in a chart also indicates how the problems can be solved. We will explain in this post how we at Management Astrology go about it. Let’s consider the marketing problems of…

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Gold Vs Diamond, A Jeweller's Dilemma

Gold Trading has Leo ascendant while Diamond trading has Libra ascendant in Management Astrology. While Gold is ruled by Sun, Diamond is ruled by Venus. This explains the dilemma of traditional Jewellers. Although Sun and Venus are friendly planets, yet the difference in ascendants of Gold and Diamo…

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Jupiter Dislikes Lever's Akshay Kumar

Ayurveda in Management Astrology has Sagittarius Ascendant with Jupiter as the ascendant Lord. We will announce the Management Astrology Chart of Ayurveda at a later date. However, one striking feature of this chart is the position of extreme strength of Jupiter, and that too in its most traditional…

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In-Betweens In Food Business and Management Astrology


We had discussed in one of our previous posts that Pure street food Outlets/ Carts (including Dhaba’s) have Aries as Ascendant and high end restaurants (like in five stars) have Libra as Ascendant. Today we will discuss about the in-betweens. Mars is the ascendant lord of street food outlets a…

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Solar Power's Management Astrology Chart

Solar Power’s Management Astrology Chart




1st House (Ascendant)

Jupiter (R)


2nd House



3rd House

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Jupiter and Saturn rule Introductory Stage of Product Life Cycle

Introductory stage of Product Life cycle (PLC) starts with launching of the Product in the Market. Jupiter and Saturn together rule the Introductory Stage of Product Life Cycle. While Jupiter rules the investment and efforts in this period, Saturn rules the obstacles in the path of the product like …

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Trading in Stock Market is Gemini

Trading activity in Stock Market has its own Management Astrology Chart. The ascendant in this Chart is ruled by Gemini. The biggest dilemma of a retail player in Stock Market is that he is always split between the roles of a Trader and Investor. Sometimes, he starts as a trader and because of the b…

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Second Half of your career demands balancing between Mercury and Jupiter

Formal education in Management Astrology is ruled by Jupiter, and the application of knowledge is ruled by Mercury. In management terms, Jupiter (Formal Education) is the principal amount and Mercury (application of knowledge) is return on investment. In this post we are limiting ourselves only to i…

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Chandigarh's Management Astrology Chart

Chandigarh’s Management Astrology Chart

Chandigarh is a city different from other capital cities of India, and hence its Chart is a bit different. This Chart belongs to Leo Ascendant, and Sun is the owner of ascendant. This post deals with the basic analysis of Chandigarh. We can be contacted p…

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Saturn Rules Maturity stage of PLC

When a Product is in its Maturity Stage in Product Life Cycle (PLC), Saturn becomes a prominent planet in Management Astrology. If you need to overcome the hurdles of Maturity Stage of Product Life Cycle, you have to fulfil the conditions of Saturn. These conditions vary from product to product and …

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Ludhiana's Management Astrology Chart

Management Astrology Chart of Ludhiana City belongs to Capricorn Ascendant. This is similar to major Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai. However, placement of planets in the chart makes this city different from Delhi and Mumbai. Following is the Placement of Planets in the Management Astrology Char…

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Career City

Every city has its own Management Astrology Chart and it has direct impact on an individual’s career. Thus, to rise in career, one needs to know which places are best suited to one’s career. Some people rise in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, whereas some may rise in even smaller cities. Best ex…

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