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Jupiter Ruled Standardized Ratio Spread for Bank Nifty Options

As promised in my previous posts, I present a simple investment strategy for making profits from Bank Nifty Options. I use the word investment since standard principles of investment have been used while designing this strategy. The logic for investing and not trading in Bank Nifty options has alrea…

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Do Not Trade but Invest in Bank Nifty Options

Can Management Astrology be proved with figures? The answer is yes and I will present the proof on Sunday, 28th January (on my blog ). Management Astrology Chart of Bank Nifty belongs to Sagittarius Ascendant. Management Astrology Chart of Investment also belongs to Sagit…

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Marketing Sutra 7, Lean Business Models

Bank Nifty has Sagittarius Ascendant, Cancer Moon Sign

Management Astrology assigns Sagittarius ascendant and Cancer Moon sign to Management Astrology chart of Bank Nifty. I had announced in my previous post that Management Astrology chart of Trading in Stock market has Gemini as its ascendant. Mercury is the owner of Gemini Ascendant. Mercury is the fu…

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Shakeout in Jewellery Sector

Marketing Sutra 6 (Gayatri Mantra)

Saturn and Moon, the Management Angle

Saturn is considered to be the most dreaded planet in Astrology and enjoys the most difficult relationship with its enemy moon. This Post explains the relationship between Saturn and Moon from Management Angle. Sade Saati occurs when Saturn transits in a Moon sign before, through that sign or in a s…

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Marketing Sutra 5 (Customize or Get Out)

Marketing Sutra 4 (Congenital Flab)

Marketing Sutra 3 (Marketing Confusion, TeaVeda)

Chanakya's Smart Marketing Sutra 1

Investment Lessons from Bollywood

My Chanakyaneeti on Dabur Honey was Right Mr Burman

On April 17th, 2016, I posted an article on my Blog concerning pricing tactics by Dabur Honey. The background of this article was the claim by Mr Amit Burman of Dabur in his interview to CNBC TV18  that they will continue with the premium pricing as it is Science VS Faith in case of Dabur Vs Patanj…

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