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Public Horoscope of Politicians

I have been working on the concept of Public Horoscope since long, and am unveiling it today through this Blog Post on my blog . Public Horoscope is different from your personal Horoscope. All the principles of Astrology and Management remain the same, but the only difference i…

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Can Shree Ram take Birth Again to Bring Ram Rajya

What's a KISS in Politics?

“Impact of the use of data in elections is over-hyped. Data analytics and machine learning are not a game-changer in the Indian elections” You have to trust a statement when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The above statement is not mine, but of Prashant Kishore, who is credited with using…

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Business Partner Required

Rational Ignorance in Politics

Importance of Ram Mandir Ordinance in Branding

Selecting the right promotion objectives in marketing is an extremely important task. Most common mistake in marketing is failure to recognize that Promotion objectives change with changes in Marketing Environment. Some of the common Promotion objectives are Brand Recognition through Launching / Bra…

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How AAp evolved by Adopting Principles of Lean Startup

Aam Aadmi Party is the first Startup of Indian Politics in real sense. Therefore, the key to their further expansion lies in thinking like a Startup and acting like a Startup. It is equally important for parties and politicians opposing Aam Aadmi Party to decode this puzzle as it can help them in de…

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