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Chanakyaneeti has a direct linkage with Present Times

Did you know that Chanakya’s thinking has a direct connection with the Present Times? Chanakya was a radical thinker who defied the norms of the society prevalent during his times to achieve a name for him. We all know him for his smart thinking, and how he avenged his insults and used his anger to …

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Rational Ignorance Rajyog and Rahu Ketu

This Post describes one of the most effective ways to deal with Rahu and Ketu in your Horoscope. Did you know that Rahu and Ketu are directly responsible for Rational Ignorance? If you are a Politician or a Marketing expert, you may be aware about Rational Ignorance, an effective tool to sell yourse…

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Second Doha of Hanuman Chalisa- Astrological Significance

Management Meaning of Second Doha of Hanuman Chalisa

Part 2 of How to Attain Riches and Fame through Asht Siddhis of Hanuman Ji

Street Food Business 5 Success Mantras

How to Attain Riches and Fame through Asht Siddhis of Hamuman Ki Part 1

Lord Shiva's Message through Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

Shivinder Singh of Fortis is Invisible to Saturn?

We have often heard that even Saturn fears Hanuman Ji. We often hear Astrologers suggesting enchanting of Hanuman Chalisa or suggesting worship of Hanuman Ji to escape the evil effects of Saturn. But does it actually work? Can an Astrologer explain the Rationale behind it? The bad news is that in mo…

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Understanding Net Income from your Horoscope

Did you know that your horoscope reflects your overall Profit and Loss account from your Business/ Profession? The best part is that you can actually improve your net income through this component. Second house in your horoscope is your house of revenues. Twelfth house in the horoscope represents ex…

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