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Video -1-Introduction- How to Practically Apply Hanuman Chalisa in Life

Marketing Balance Sheet of Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda

Pleased to release Marketing Balance Sheet of Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Ex-CM, Haryana) today. This is based on my model of Marketing Balance Sheet. This is a comprehensive document with the following three Key Objectives:

a) To analyze chances of Congress Party in Haryana Assembly Elections 202…

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Marketing and Business Mentor

Chanakyaneeti, PangeyBaaz Style

When one mentions Chanakyaneeti, the first thing which comes into mind is Saam, Daam, Bhed, Dand. It relates to the chronology of tactics suggested by Chanakya for conflict management. You might have heard the word disruptive marketing. Disruptive marketing in simple words is turning traditional mar…

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Create Business Empire in Minimal Investment

Do you wish to create a Business Empire in minimal investment of 5 to 6 Lacs? We invite you to open a centre of KV’s ChanakyaShaala® in your City (91-9878904347 (WhatsApp also),,

What is KV’ChanakyaShaala®?

KV’s ChanakyaShaala® is a facil…

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Chanakyaneeti for Businesses,Careers and Startups

Welcome to (ChanakyaShaala®)

How to Create Your Business Empire in Minimal Resources? 

Click this Link to our Blog Post.. (

Are you looking for smart Solutions based on Chanakyaneeti for your Business/Career?

Kujnish Vashisht, our Promoter is a Pioneer of Chanakyaneeti in Businesses/Careers . He has guided many Corporates/Entrepreneurs/Individuals on the basis of Chanakyaneeti. Contact for exclusive and smart Career/Business plans based on Chanakyaneeti.

Are you planning to start a New Business?

We have more than 100 Unique Business Projects/ Start-ups between 5 Lacs to 5 Crores, and can help you in planning and smooth execution of your Projects with least risk and highest efficiency. Contact Kujnish Vashisht our Promoter at 9779883347 (WhatsApp ), 9878904347. We also guide in Start-up funding for already established Start-ups (Note: We don’t deal in Bank Loans and guide only for Start-up Funding)

Are you looking for Unique Marketing Strategies to establish your Brand within your Budget?

We are into Strategic Marketing Consultancy since 1999, and our Promoter Kujnish Vashisht is an Author of 3 World Famous books on Marketing and Sales. Kindly contact with details of your Marketing problems, and we will provide unique and effective Solutions. We also do Market Feasibility studies and can let you know whether it is feasible to establish your Business Idea or Not.

Do you believe in Astrology and wish to know which Career or Business suits you, and how to move ahead in your Career or Business?

Our Promoter Kujnish Vashisht is a Pioneer of Management Astrology™ which is Astrology for Businesses, Careers and Start-ups. Send a WhatsApp message to him at 9779883347 for details . Click on the following link to read his Blog Posts on Management Astrology

We also Provide Consultancy through Online/Telephonic Mode.

Kindly feel free to Call Kujnish Vashisht directly on his mobiles 9779883347, 9878904347 or send WhatsApp message. Kindly Prefix country code (+91) if calling from outside India. You can also write a mail to us at Our office address is ChanakyaShaala, Expedient Consultants, Office no 69, 2nd floor, SCO 42, Sector-11, Panchkula -134112, Haryana, India.

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Start-up Opportunities

Insights for Sellers of Running Businesses

Three Messages by Ganesh Ji for a Prosperous New Year

I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2019. Lord Ganesha is known as the God of New Beginnings. There are three Pre-conditions for seeking blessings from Ganesh Ji before you begin any new Chapter in your Life. Keep reading till the end since the last condition is the most important.

Ganesh Ji i…

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Renal Failure of Brands-An Introduction

Every Brand has both Positive and Negative elements. Same can be said about Human Body. Two major functions of Kidneys in human body are to filtrate (retaining elements good for the body and rejecting those which are harmful), and excretion of bad elements. When Kidneys don’t work properly, harmful …

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Hanuman Chalisa for Politicians-1st Doha

My humble aim of this version of Hanuman Chalisa for Politicians and Politics is to create a Powerful manual through Hanuman Chalisa, which can lift up both Politicians and Politics. Beginning two Dohas of Hanuman Chalisa tell us how Hanuman Chalisa should be approached and practiced. I am starting …

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Differentiation for Cloud Kitchen Restaurants

Startup Solutions

Emotional Blindness

Emotional Blindness in Marketing

Emotional Blindness means difficulty in identifying one’s own emotions, as well as those of others. I have often observed this phenomenon in Marketers/Business Owners as well as every participant in the Marketing Process, and hence I am extending this term to Marketing.This term has never been used …

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Can Shree Ram take Birth Again to Bring Ram Rajya

What's a KISS in Politics?

“Impact of the use of data in elections is over-hyped. Data analytics and machine learning are not a game-changer in the Indian elections” You have to trust a statement when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The above statement is not mine, but of Prashant Kishore, who is credited with using…

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Business Partner Required

Rational Ignorance in Politics

How AAp evolved by Adopting Principles of Lean Startup

Aam Aadmi Party is the first Startup of Indian Politics in real sense. Therefore, the key to their further expansion lies in thinking like a Startup and acting like a Startup. It is equally important for parties and politicians opposing Aam Aadmi Party to decode this puzzle as it can help them in de…

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