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More than 100 exclusive Start-up Projects with Complete Marketing and Business Solutions

Are you Planning to Start a new Business Project? Are you looking for Innovative Solutions to your Business Problems? Are you looking for Unique Differentiators for your Business?

Now you can benefit from World Class Business Consultancy (By Kujnish Vashisht, Author of 3 world famous books on Mar…

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Start-up Opportunities

Invest in Brands and Brand Mascots

Hanumanji's Tail Evaluates Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi

Lord Vishnu and Marketing Obesity

Advantages of Buying a Running Business

Insights for Sellers of Running Businesses

Dushyant Chautala's Marketing Balance Sheet

This Post describes Politician Dushyant Chautala's Marketing Balance Sheet. This is based on Kujnish Vashisht's Marketing Balance Sheet Model. Click on this Link for Opening/Downloading the document. Contact us for Out of the Box Strategic Marketing Solutions. 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347, expedien…

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Business Opportunities

Strategic Business Alliances

Disruptive Marketing

Three Messages by Ganesh Ji for a Prosperous New Year

I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2019. Lord Ganesha is known as the God of New Beginnings. There are three Pre-conditions for seeking blessings from Ganesh Ji before you begin any new Chapter in your Life. Keep reading till the end since the last condition is the most important.

Ganesh Ji i…

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Creating Valuable Brands

Renal Failure of Brands-An Introduction

Every Brand has both Positive and Negative elements. Same can be said about Human Body. Two major functions of Kidneys in human body are to filtrate (retaining elements good for the body and rejecting those which are harmful), and excretion of bad elements. When Kidneys don’t work properly, harmful …

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Hanuman Chalisa for Politicians-1st Doha

My humble aim of this version of Hanuman Chalisa for Politicians and Politics is to create a Powerful manual through Hanuman Chalisa, which can lift up both Politicians and Politics. Beginning two Dohas of Hanuman Chalisa tell us how Hanuman Chalisa should be approached and practiced. I am starting …

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Differentiation for Cloud Kitchen Restaurants

Startup Solutions

Emotional Blindness

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