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Emotional Blindness in Marketing

Emotional Blindness means difficulty in identifying one’s own emotions, as well as those of others. I have often observed this phenomenon in Marketers/Business Owners as well as every participant in the Marketing Process, and hence I am extending this term to Marketing.This term has never been used before by any Marketer before, and am using it for the first time through this Blog Post (Thus, being the Author of this Post, I should be given the credit whenever Marketers use this term in future). I am mentioning the basics of this new concept, and will discuss the detailed applications and case studies through my future Blog Posts/ Books.

A marketer is said to suffer from Emotional Blindness when he fails to recognize his as well as the other participant’s emotions while Planning/Executing his marketing Program. Following are a few instances of Emotional Blindness in Marketing:

  1. A marketer fails to recognize his own emotions while planning a Product/ Service/ Venture. This is the most common cause of Business Failures. Excessive Love with one’s own wisdom and predispositions instead of depending on Market Feasibility study is the prime reason. This Phenomenon has recently been the nemesis of many unsuccessful Startups. 
  2. A Marketer failing to recognize emotions best suited for the Marketing team for successfully marketing a particular product. Different products and brands have different positions in the mind of a customer/ intermediaries, and the Sales/ Marketing team should learn to wear the emotions best suited for that Position. For instance, for selling an unsought product, a Sales/Marketing Team should be trained to handle negative emotions/ cold reactions of the intermediaries/customers. In one of my Blog Posts last year, while defining the meaning of first Chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa and its application in Marketing, I mentioned how Pride Management can be learnt from Hanuman Ji. Managing one’s pride is of utmost importance while training and even selecting Sales Personnel for unsought products. Emotions desired in the Marketing Team should be clearly defined before moving ahead with the Marketing Program.
  3. A marketer failing to correctly gauge Competitor’s emotional level while designing a Strategy to counter him. Competitor’s emotions are usually directly linked to their Position in the Market, their resource levels, their feedback system, their relations with the intermediaries, as well as the emotions response system of their Key decision makers. I have mentioned the use of Chanakyaneeti while tackling Competitors in some of my previous Blog Posts. In my future posts/ books I’ll explain how Chanakyaneeti can help in correctly gauging a Competitor’s emotional level. Failure to do so my mean loss of Sales/ Reputation and even Closure of Business.

I hope I have been able to explain the basic idea (Emotional Blindness of Marketers) through this post. Keep visiting

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