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Hanuman Chalisa for Politicians-1st Doha

My humble aim of this version of Hanuman Chalisa for Politicians and Politics is to create a Powerful manual through Hanuman Chalisa, which can lift up both Politicians and Politics. Beginning two Dohas of Hanuman Chalisa tell us how Hanuman Chalisa should be approached and practiced. I am starting with the first Doha of Hanuman Chalisa.

श्रीगुरु चरण् सरोजरजनिजमनमुकुर सुधार -First Line
बरणौ रघुबर बिमल यशजो दायक फलचार -Second Line
Shree-Guru Charan Saroja-Raja, Nija-Mana-Mukura Sudhaar |
Barannau Raghu-Bara Bimala Yasha, Jo Daayaka Phala-Chaar ||

Translation of first line is “With the Lotus feet of the respected Guru, I cleanse the mirror of my heart”. Who is the real Guru of Politicians and Political Parties? He’s the person who gives a real picture of the Electorate to the Politicians/Political Parties and also tells the Politicians/Political Parties in an honest and fearless manner as to what the electorate thinks about them. Typically, Indian Politicians fail on this first line of first Doha of Hanuman Chalisa in the following manner:

  • Failure to distinguish between the terms Guru and Godfather. While a Guru is full of wisdom and knowledge, and is the one who is ready to share this wisdom and knowledge with his disciples, a Godfather is the one who is full of resources, is at a position of power, and may be willing to help you and lift you up with his resources and Power. While every Politician desires a Godfather, only a few desire a Guru who can guide honestly, and can share wisdom and knowledge. Everyone knows that Shree Ram was Hanuman Ji’s Godfather. However, only a few know that Hanuman Ji could never have won the heart of his Godfather without the help of his Guru, Jamvant. It was Jamvant who helped Hanuman Ji realize his immense capabilities, and encouraged him to fly across the ocean to search for and reach Sita Ji in Lanka.
  • It’s good to have supporters around you, but it’s a sin to have Sycophants (Chamchas) around you.  Sycophancy or Chamchagiri by supporters take the Politicians away from reality more than anything else.

If you want your mind to act right, your heart should be free from all the particles which take you away from reality. While lack of a right Guru can keep you deprived of knowledge and wisdom, and thus may result in miscalculating the mood or needs of the electorate, Sycophants around you can never let you connect in the true manner with your electorate. Hanuman Chalisa is full of wisdom, knowledge, and Power, and can be a Politician’s best Guru. But if you really want to benefit from it, approach it with a clean and unbiased mind, and above all have faith in Hanuman Chalisa’s ability to transform you. That’s the message from this first line. Most importantly, a Guru can be of no help unless you practice the wisdom shared by him. Thus, in addition to enchanting Hanuman Chalisa, you need to understand and practice it. I’ll share this Wisdom, Knowledge and Power with you through all the 3 Dohas and 40 Chaupais of Hanuman Chalisa.

The translation of second line of first Doha of Hanuman Chalisa is “I narrate the Sacred Glory of Shree Ram, who gives four fruits (aims) of life (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha)”. I have written a full Marketing Book on first Doha of Hanuman Chalisa, and I’ll share a few pearls of wisdom from this second line with you in brief.

Shree Ram is known as Maryada Purushottam. Maryada means Dignity and Purushottam means the best among men. So, in these modern times if you want to be considered among the best Politicians, pursue the four aims of life i.e. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha in the most dignified manner. Dignity means morality, decency, grace, grandeur, and being Cultured (Defined in detail in my Book). A Politician is a public figure, and thus there can be many dilemmas and opposite views while defining his Dharma. Modern day Dharma is the Constitution of India. While there is no argument that Constitution is supreme, conflicts can result out of a Politicians Dharma towards his electorate, his party, his supporters, Indian Society, his family and also his Dharma towards his own self. How to come out of these conflicts in the most dignified manner is the key to creating and improving a Politicians Brand Value. Hanuman Chalisa provides comprehensive answers to the above, through 40 Chaupais.

Artha means financial matters. Kama is Physical and Material needs. While Motivation is a direct result of a man’s Kama, overindulgence and lack of dignity on this front, and also conflict between Dharma, Artha and Kama can ruin a Politician’s career. Another must for Politicians is to understand Physical and Material needs of their Electorate, and to give them hope and genuine opportunities for fulfilling these needs. People need Jobs, Business Opportunities, Basic amenities, Chance to climb up to a higher Social Class, Safety. Agreed that this becomes the basis of most of Political Manifestos, but overpromising or not fulfilling the promises made in the manifesto amounts to lack of Dignity (resulting in fall in the Brand Equity which often is described as Anti-Incumbency in modern day terminology). Hanuman Chalisa’s  40 Chaupais provides complete answers to the above.

Moksha (as described in my Book) is the process of being Immortal (Invincibility/extremely high Brand Equity/ unparalleled Pull in case of Brands). Shree Ram is still alive in our hearts because he is Immortal. And why is he Immortal? Because of his unparalleled Personality and Conduct, he still rules our hearts. That’s why he is and will always remain Immortal. If Politicians approach the first three fruits (aims) of life with dignity, it will automatically result in their Immortality (Moksha, Invincible Brand Value). Are there examples of Immortality status attained by Politicians from the recent Past? There are, and top on my list is Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  

Summing up the lessons from first Doha of Hanuman Chalisa, Politicians need a genuine Guru more than a Godfather, need to be away from sycophants so that they can see the real picture without any Bias, and need to approach their Job with Dignity.

In my next Post, I’ll define the second Doha of Hanuman Chalisa for Politicians and Political Parties, which will be followed by 40 Chaupais and then the closing Doha.

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