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Three Messages by Ganesh Ji for a Prosperous New Year

I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2019. Lord Ganesha is known as the God of New Beginnings. There are three Pre-conditions for seeking blessings from Ganesh Ji before you begin any new Chapter in your Life. Keep reading till the end since the last condition is the most important.

Ganesh Ji is known as the remover of obstacles, and our society has been seeking his blessings, since ages, for prosperous beginnings. Doesn’t the above fact imply that any new beginning has always been full of obstacles?  So, the first message by Ganesh Ji for all of us is to accept that whenever we start something new, we are bound to face obstacles. The challenge is to wear a Positive attitude to take these obstacles head on.  

Ganesh Ji is known for his Intelligence and Wisdom. While Intelligence is mental ability, wisdom is knowledge. Have you seen the image of Ganesh Ji with Pen in his hand? That’s the image you should worship before a new beginning. It’s a proven scientific fact that writing improves thinking power. With the advent of Computer and Internet, the overall Intelligence and Wisdom levels of almost everyone around us has gone up. In this environment, the key to differentiating us from the rest is in developing a differentiated process of thinking, by writing down our problems, and then seeking solutions in written form by writing down our entire thinking process. We should give ample cooking time to our thought process to see the magic. That’s the second message by Ganesh Ji. Did you know that Ganesh Ji wrote Mahabharat while Ved Vyas Ji dictated the story to him? Ganesh Ji agreed to write on a condition that this dictation should be without a Pause so that his Pen doesn’t stop while he is writing. On this Ved Vyas Ji put a counter condition. The condition was that Ganesh Ji must grasp the meaning of what Ved Vyas Ji is dictating before he writes it down. Ganesh Ji agreed with a smile. With this, Ved Vyas Ji bought thinking time by narrating many complex stanzas in-between, as even a person of Ganesh Ji’s stature needed a pause to understand these stanzas. Thus, we must take the necessary pauses, and give our ideas and concepts ample cooking / processing time before they are ready to face this World. Writing down our Problems, Ideas as well as the entire thinking process enables optimum cooking/processing time.

The third message or pre-condition by Ganesh Ji is the most important. Ganesh Ji symbolizes a mighty Elephant, and his vehicle is a tiny mouse which can reach those areas, which are unreachable for an Elephant. What does this signify? The message is that no matter how big and resourceful we are, there are always certain areas which are out of our reach. We need the support of others to reach/ gain knowledge about those areas. And we shouldn’t be ashamed to seek help from even the most insignificant members of the World around us.

Can our modern day Businesses benefit directly from this third message? In this era of enhanced wisdom and ample intellect (aided by fast changing and fast improving  Technology), Product Life Cycles are getting Shortened, and the real challenge is to manage the fast changing Business Environment. While Businesses are fast growing into giant elephants, there is an urgent need to seek help from that tiny mouse. Businesses need a tiny mouse that can see the unknown. The unknown for modern day Businesses is the timely synchronization of the Marketing Programs with the fast changing Business Environment. The need is to evaluate whether your Marketing program is equipped to face the modern day marketing challenges, and that too with the desired pace? An External Marketing Audit of your Marketing program as well as Sales Organization can not only help you in knowing your unknown mistakes as well as the unknown missed opportunities, but can also give you an honest vision, free from internal as well as self-biases. Internal biases towards Marketing Programs as well as the internal organizational pressures are the biggest hurdles in honest evaluation of marketing programs.  Remember, great organizations of tomorrow won’t be built on those mandatory accounts audits. A periodic External Marketing Audit can surely be that tiny mouse which can prevent your Organization from turning into a White Elephant.  

Author of this Article “Kujnish Vashisht” is a Strategic Marketing Consultant (since 1999), wishes to be Marketing Mentor to Politicians, is a Startup Consultant, Author of three successful books on Marketing and Sales, a Practitioner of Chanakyaneeti and Author of the Blog, and is a leading Management Astrologer.

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