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Astrology for Generating Big Business Ideas

Astrology for Generating Big Business Ideas. Its about triggering certain reactions in your mind (based on your Horoscope) which can help you generate big business ideas. Here is the link to buy my book (Kindle Edition for India) Astrology for Generating Big Business Ideas eBook : Vashisht, Kujnish…

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New Punchline for PSU Banks

Marketing Sutra 7, Lean Business Models

Marketing Sutra 6 (Gayatri Mantra)

Marketing Sutra 5 (Customize or Get Out)

Marketing Sutra 4 (Congenital Flab)

Marketing Sutra 3 (Marketing Confusion, TeaVeda)

Investment Lessons from Bollywood

My Chanakyaneeti on Dabur Honey was Right Mr Burman

On April 17th, 2016, I posted an article on my Blog concerning pricing tactics by Dabur Honey. The background of this article was the claim by Mr Amit Burman of Dabur in his interview to CNBC TV18  that they will continue with the premium pricing as it is Science VS Faith in case of Dabur Vs Patanj…

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Gaal Ni Kaddni

Just listened to the latest Punjabi song “Gaal Ni Kaddni”. Came to know about the singer Parmish Verma and also learnt that he has sung another hit song in the past “Aa Lai Chakk Mai Aa Gaya”. My post is not about describing the greatness of his songs, although the message “Gaal Ni Kaddni” is a welc…

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Hello New Possibilities

Chanakya's Marketing Tip of the Day

More the number of marketers, more will be the advertisement clutter in traditional media vehicles. This means bigger and costlier advertisements with lesser results. Answer lies in creating self-sustaining tools of promotion which serve the dual purpose of promotion as well as revenue generation. C…

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Chanakyaneeti on Navjot Singh Sidhu

Sam , Dan, Bhed , Dand.  Navjot Sidhu resigned from BJP on 18th July, 2016.While I am writing this post on 21st July, 2016 at 12 pm, no one is sure about Sidhu’s future path.  He is likely to join hands with Kejriwal, but there is no formal announcement yet. Sam, the first in Chanakya’s strategy. I…

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Chanakyaneeti on Pricing tactics by Dabur Honey

Chanakya says that he who produces double the anticipated revenues eats up the Country and its people.  Chanakya proposes punishment for such a person.  By this logic, shouldn’t Dabur be punished by its loyal Customers? In a recent Interview to CNBC TV 18, Amit Burman, Vice Chairman, Dabur says that…

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Chanakyaneeti for Assimilating Dalits and Non-Dalits in India

According to Chanakya three components of Power are Enthusiasm, Military might and Power of Counsel in ascending order of importance. Today, on the occasion of Baba Saheb BR Ambedkar Jayanti, I am making a humble effort to use my Power of Counsel to find a Solution to Caste System in India. I read a…

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RaGa Tea "Modi Se Bhi Kadak"

Time 1 am. Date 1st March 2016 (Night after the Budget Day).  Huge audience gathered in a Stadium for a Rock Concert. Our Finance Minister wearing the same shining dress like Rishi Kapoor , dancing on Meri Umar Ke Naujawano from movie Karz.  Song was remixed and the new Playback singer was Chief Min…

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More Chanakyaneeti

Many new Business Strategies/ Viewpoints/ Options Strategies based on Chanakyaneeti are lined up in the coming Weeks/ Months. Keep visiting our blog. Your Critical evaluation is welcome at, as this will serve as Raw Material for our Future Thought Process. 

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Attacking the Stronger Competitor

Should we highlight our competitor’s weaknesses to create better position for our Brand?
A few years back, a leading corporate house appointed me to review their Marketing strategy. There were three main brands in the product category in the desired Market segment. One was a national Brand, and oth…

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Seeking help from a Stronger King

A Businessman from UP once approached me for consultancy to set up an educational academy for his son. He had own commercial place in a category A city, and his son was a fresh Engineer from a prestigious Institute. He wanted help in establishing his own Brand of coaching centre for +2 level…

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The Right Compensation

The biggest problem which small entrepreneurs face is marketing. And among various components of Marketing, attracting, retaining and handling sales force is the problem almost every small entrepreneur faces. Whenever I suggest small entrepreneurs to employ quality sales force, their standar…

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