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Chanakyaneeti for Assimilating Dalits and Non-Dalits in India

According to Chanakya three components of Power are Enthusiasm, Military might and Power of Counsel in ascending order of importance. Today, on the occasion of Baba Saheb BR Ambedkar Jayanti, I am making a humble effort to use my Power of Counsel to find a Solution to Caste System in India. I read a number of articles on this topic. The ultimate aim of all the intellectuals in this field was only one “Assimilation of Dalits and Non-Dalits”. All the efforts and suggestions pointed to only one Direction i.e. “Empowerment of Dalits”. But is this the only way out? Are we working in the right direction to assimilate upper and lower castes? I have no problem in empowering Dalits, but strongly feel that this measure is not working towards the ultimate aim of Caste assimilation.  

Then what’s the Solution? In my search on internet, I found many organisations working towards empowerment of Dalits. After 66 years of implementation of our Constitution Is there a Single Dalit who has been empowered? Our reservation system would have empowered many. Then Why didn’t I come across a single Dalit organisation working towards the empowerment of Non-Dalits? There are huge number Dalits who have enjoyed the fruits of Reservation. Don’t they have any responsibility towards the Society? Is it not being selfish if such empowered Dalits are only talking about Dalit empowerment? Poverty is as big a issue as Caste System in India, and there is a huge number of upper caste population living below poverty line. My Power of Counsel says that if empowered Dalits contribute in empowering poor upper caste population, seeds of assimilation of lower and upper castes in India will be sown. Will the upper caste Poor refuse or resist such efforts by empowered Dalits? There may be sporadic resistance by certain vested interests but every unique and powerful idea finds its own wheels to overcome such resistance. I didn’t come across any but if there are such empowered Dalits helping Non-Dalits, Govt of India should come forward and appreciate / encourage such efforts. 

Author: Kujnish Vashisht,

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