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Chanakyaneeti on Navjot Singh Sidhu

Sam , Dan, Bhed , Dand.  Navjot Sidhu resigned from BJP on 18th July, 2016.While I am writing this post on 21st July, 2016 at 12 pm, no one is sure about Sidhu’s future path.  He is likely to join hands with Kejriwal, but there is no formal announcement yet. Sam, the first in Chanakya’s strategy. It failed in Lok Sabha Elections when Sidhu didn’t campaign for Arun Jaitley. Dan, the Rajya Sabha Ticket. Sidhu accepted this, but it probably didn’t fulfill his aspirations. Sidhu feels that he will be marginalised politically if he remains away from Punjab. His problem is with Sukhbir Badal who doesn’t want to see him in Punjab elections. SAD BJP alliance is intact which leaves no scope for Sidhu to enter Punjab Politics. Thus, he decided to resign from BJP although he has always maintained that BJP is like his mother.

What would Chanakya have done had he been on BJP’s side? Bhed is the next Step and Chanakya would have used it with success. How? There is huge anti incumbency against Akali BJP Government in Punjab. Under normal circumstances, this should have benefited Congress. However, Congress graph is on decline nationally. AAP it seems is catching a majority of anti incumbency votes in Punjab. Chanakya would have capitalised on this. Chanakya would have motivated and financed Navjot Singh Sidhu to form a new Political Party in Punjab. He would have targeted SAD and captured a part of anti incumbency votes. Opposition vote share in Punjab has already split. Sidhu would have prevented atleast 5% votes from falling in to AAP’s lap. SAD and BJP are cadre based parties. Both would have held on to their traditional vote share, and would have hit a hat-trick in Punjab.

Author : Kujnish Vashisht,,

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