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Gaal Ni Kaddni

Just listened to the latest Punjabi song “Gaal Ni Kaddni”. Came to know about the singer Parmish Verma and also learnt that he has sung another hit song in the past “Aa Lai Chakk Mai Aa Gaya”. My post is not about describing the greatness of his songs, although the message “Gaal Ni Kaddni” is a welcome break from the usual Punjabi songs promoting Daaru and Violence. The thing which attracted my attention was the tunes of both his hit songs and the message Marketers can derive from this. Tune of “Gaal ni Kaddni” has been partly remodelled from the famous Hindi song “Char Baj Gaye” and there is a whiff of Punjabi song “Inch” in the song “Aa Lai Chakk Mai Aa Gaya”. Is this the reason behind the success of both the songs? No, because listeners want some novelty factor, some differentiator. The differentiator in both the songs of Parmish Verma is the interesting lyrics which immediately catch attention of the listeners. Talking specifically about lyrics of “Gaal Ni Kaddni” , the virtual meaning of Punjabi abuses changes with the mood of the communicator. Even the filthiest of abuses may not offend the receiver of abusive communication if delivered in a friendly tone. That’s Punjabi culture, and “Gaal Ni Kaddni” acknowledges and communicates this in the most pleasant and effective manner. History confirms many such instances of copied and remixed tunes in the past which promoted the career of even greatest Music Directors like R.D Burman (His song “Mehbooba Mehbooba” from Sholay is one example)

What’s the message for the marketers? The message is to make a list of attributes of the competitor’s marketing offer already acceptable to the customers, add a whiff of meaningful differentiator, and thus create a winning product/service. Nothing in this world is original. Barring a few, all the latest inventions and discoveries are a better and more meaningful version of the previous inventions and discoveries. The key point is that the end receivers (listeners in the case of songs and customers in the case of products/services) should find it more meaningful than the previous versions. However, don’t commit the mistake of adding a non-meaningful differentiator as it will result in losses as well dilution of your Brand Equity. Identifying the key success factors of the present product/service is the first step, identifying the meaningful differentiator is the second step, and repackaging the whole offer smartly is the final step.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347. 

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