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Increase Your Luck

Chanakya says that Fate makes a beggar a King and a King a Beggar. Fate can make a rich man poor, and a poor man rich. 
I analyze fate in a different fashion. What’s the difference between Lucky and Unlucky people? Lucky people are the ones who get more opportunities in life. By a simple law of probability, even if they grab a few of the plenty of opportunities available to them, they become successful. But are only lucky people successful? 
Those who get lesser opportunities in life can increase their chances of success by applying their mind to generate more opportunities. An aspiring MBA once approached me in the year 2006. He was intelligent, but was not getting the desired success in his career. I told him only one thing, “Increase your Luck.” Increase Luck? He was stunned. Then I explained him the ways to increase his Luck. I made a Chanakyaneeti Plan for him with an eye on creating contacts with senior Business Executives. I analyzed his profile and found that he had good writing and analytical skills. I advised him to write critiques on Marketing campaigns of leading Brands, and start mailing them to senior Marketing executives of the concerned Brands. I also explained him that it was an ongoing process, and success may take six months to two years. The plan clicked in the very first year. He worked hard on further increasing his luck in the following years, and today, he is a senior executive in a blue chip Company. 
Thus, unlucky people can manage their Luck by increasing the opportunities in life. If you create 10 more opportunities in life in the coming year, you may fail to take benefit from 9, but only one successful opportunity can make you Lucky.

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