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Machiavelli, Changing with Times

Chanakya is often compared with Machiavelli, an Italian thinker/Politician. “Machiavellian tactics” is a term often used in negative terms. Some people also brand Chanakyaneeti in the same negative shade. I have read the works of Machiavelli in detail, and found many positives in the same. For instance, Machiavelli states that whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with times. 
Isn’t it true that many people waste opportunities in hand just because they think that the opportunity doesn’t conform to their value system? Clare W Graves defines value system as an open set of morals, ethics, standards, preferences, belief systems and world views that come together through self-organizing principles to define an individual, a group or a culture. Aren’t we living in a Dynamic Environment? The answer is a loud yes. Is so, then shouldn’t our value system also change with times? And what should be the quantum and pace of change of the Value system?
Quantum and pace of change in our value system needs a special attention in our success plan. We live in a Society where disrespecting our elders is considered a sin. However, can we make a statement that the value system defined by our elders is final? If the society is changing, so should the Value system. However, our elders may not think in the same manner. Many people keep on following the same old value system just because they don’t want to disrespect their elders. Even if they do make a change in their value system, the quantum of change is much lesser than desired. 
Our first objective in life should be to identify the correct quantum of change in values. Second objective should be to manage our elders. By this, I mean that the pace of change in our value system should not be abrupt, but changes should be done in a phased manner. Our elders are much wiser than we think. If we can correctly market the need for change in value system to our elders, it will be a great positive in our life. However, the change in value system should be understood in a positive sense. It doesn’t mean justifying immoral conducts. 
For a positive change, even if you need to use Machiavellian tactics with your elders, go ahead. Success is waiting for you. 
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