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RaGa Tea "Modi Se Bhi Kadak"

Time 1 am. Date 1st March 2016 (Night after the Budget Day).  Huge audience gathered in a Stadium for a Rock Concert. Our Finance Minister wearing the same shining dress like Rishi Kapoor , dancing on Meri Umar Ke Naujawano from movie Karz.  Song was remixed and the new Playback singer was Chief Minister of Delhi. There is a huge banner of Main Sponsor in the background. It says Raga Tea “Modi se bhi Kadak”.  Remember Mungerilal and his dreams?  My dreams are even better.

It may not be my early morning dream, but I wish it comes true.  Chanakya says that Finance is the first and foremost element to undertake any State Endeavour, and is the main source for Dharma.  In broader sense, State here may mean the Nation, a Corporate house, or even a Political Party.  I searched for the meaning of Dharma , and the most pertinent definition was the Right way of living (Kindly don’t confuse this with religion). And for Dharmic endeavours, the financing also needs to be Dharmic. But is the Political funding Dharmic?

Enough has been said and written about the dubious sources of Political Funding in India. In my opinion, this is the root cause of corruption. If a Political party is dependent on dubious Corporate funds, how can we expect it to be neutral when it comes to power? Any alternative? Answer lies in Being Human.  This Charity organisation run by Salman Khan has a unique Business Model. It does not ask for donations and raises majority of its funds by selling Being Human Merchandise.  Can’t this model be adopted by Political Parties to raise Political funding? Brand Salman Khan is the life behind Being Human. Believe me, Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal are much bigger brands than Salman Khan.  All they require is monetizing these Brands for a noble cause.  They can use it to raise funds for their parties and also to fund a part of the promises made in their manifesto.  How?

Let’s come back to my dream. Remember Mani Shankar Aiyar’s  Chaiwala comment on NaMo in  2014 which Backfired? Today, just imagine RaGa speaking the famous dialogue “Picture abhi baaki hai Modi Ji”.  NaMo has established a strong down to earth Chaiwala Son of the Soil image. Wouldn’t it be pertinent if Congress launches RaGa Tea, a strong Modi se bhi Kadak Blend targeted at low price segment? Agreed Political parties can’t do Business, but who stops their leaders from lending their Brand names? Any Start-up by a Congress Supporter can take care of the Business activities. Part profits can go towards party funding, and another part can bring Acchey Din for the Poor/ Dalits.  Wouldn’t this take the wind out of BJP’s core positioning elements like Chaiwala and Acchey Din? Heard the demand for Reservation in Private Sector by Bihar CM. Nitish Ji, create your own Brands, give 100% reservation, and generate some funds for your party also.

Insaan Ka Insaan se ho Bhaichara. No comments about the quality of his Singing, but it will be a money-spinner if Arvind  Kejriwal  launches his music album. AAP supporters will purchase it out of devotion and BJP/ Congress supporters will purchase it to derive fun.  This man has brought innovation to Indian Politics, and if he decides to raise funds the innovative way, no one can beat him in this game. 

I am your Param Bhakt Modi Ji and voted for you in last elections.  Can’t this idea be the biggest Start-Up in Indian Political System to make a Swacch Bharat?  Brand Modi is an International Brand. By lending your name, you can Make anything in India and can sell it anywhere in the World. How about Comedy nights with Politicians? Dr Kumar Vishwas can be as good a host as Kapil Sharma, and Lalu Ji may even be more refreshing in Navjot Sidhu’s Chair. There can be many such money-spinning ideas and biggest positive of this concept can be that Marketing Cost will be negligible.  Every party has its own set of followers, and a simple appeal by the leaders will result in instant promotion /market for the product.  This will generate employment also.

There are many Chanakyas in Indian Politics. I wish they design their own Chanakyaneeti to raise Political funds in Dharmic way.

Author : Kujnish Vashisht,

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