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Aries in Banking/ Financial Jobs

Tenth house in Management Astrology deals with how the person is likely to conduct himself with respect to various professions. Eleventh house deals with how the person would earn income from profession.  We had announced the Management Astrology chart of banking/ Finance profession in one of our previous Posts.  Lord of the ascendant (Sagittarius) of this chart is Jupiter and tenth house is ruled by Virgo. This sign belongs to mercury. Eleventh house is owned by Libra and the sign belongs to Venus. The interpretation is that a true banking professional will succeed in his profession through application of his formal education, adapting with respect to the demands of the profession. Presence of Libra in eleventh house indicates that a person with good formal education who can adapt and apply himself well can gain lavishly from this profession. So, Jupiter plus Mercury (and the optimum balance between the two) is equal to Lakshmi Ji for Finance/ Banking Professionals.

I am discussing the case of an Individual with Aries Ascendant who had joined a leading Bank through campus recruitment. He is an MBA in Finance from a prestigious Management Institute. He Joined as a trainee and was being trained for Investment Banking operations of the Bank. His father is my client. In one of our meetings, his father told me that his Son doesn’t seem happy with his Job and is considering a Job change. The bright young Boy was in to his seventh month of training. I analysed his personal horoscope from Management Astrology angle, and had some interesting observations. In Aries ascendant, both tenth and eleventh house are owned by Saturn. Saturn is a slow moving planet. Thus, individuals with Aries ascendant have a tendency to look for professions which are routine and settled in nature. This Boy’s profile was more suited for routine Banking operations Job. One thing we should all remember in this environment with cut throat competition is that more you move out of your comfort Zone, the more will you excel in life. We live in an environment which is beyond our control, and can’t change the environment to suit us. We need to change to make us more relevant to the environment. Coming back to the Boy’s profile, tenth house of a chart in general is ruled by Saturn. Thus, in Aries ascendant, there is a triple impact of Saturn on one’s profession. Calculation of exact impact depends on the placement of Saturn, the ascendant lord Mars as well as other planets. After analysing the individual horoscope, I suggested to the father that his Son should readjust his career focus from long term to short term, and should start writing daily professional goals in a small pocket diary instead of long term goals in a yearly planner. I also suggested that the boy should also prepare a daily evaluation report of his daily goals in the same diary. Smaller the pocket diary, the better it is. And more he achieves on daily basis, the better it is for his career. I recommended a minimum time frame of three months for the positive effects to be visible .I also suggested that fresh pocket diary should be started every Monday, and previous Diary should be thrown away on Saturday night of the previous week after making Saturday’s entry.

The plan worked. Boy’s father met me after three months and thanked me as his Son looked more settled and happy with his Job. Why did I suggest a small pocket diary and daily goals/evaluation? And why did I suggest that the Diary should be thrown away every Saturday Night? With Saturn’s impact on the way he conducts himself in this profession, it was extremely important to recommend an uncomfortable routine for the Boy. He was being trained for Investment Banking where discomfort is a routine as well as an essential professional requirement. Biggest problem for people with Aries ascendant is that they tend to think too far, forgetting that small daily achievements add up to achieve bigger goals. As a result, there is a tendency to extend the deadlines for achievement of Goals. Smaller deadlines make them uncomfortable. By recommending daily achievement of Goals, I was only trying to help the boy in overcoming this problem. Remember, he was being trained for Investment Banking where every moment counts. He had to make discomfort as his routine to succeed in his profession. And why did I recommend that the dairy should be thrown Saturday night itself? So that he enjoys his Sunday, doesn’t refer to/analyse his achievements/ failures of the previous week on Sunday, and starts next week without any mental baggage. It is important to state here that Saturn is also known to give unnecessary negative thoughts and worries. Throwing away the diary meant that the boy made a fresh beginning every Monday, fighting out again with his comfort Zone. My next recommendation for the Boy was to review his career tasks twice a day and throw away the diary every Wednesday night. I told him to continue this for next six months. Individuals with Aries ascendant should always remember that the biggest hurdle in their profession is going to be their Love for comfort Zone. Get out of it or settle for an average career. And particularly for Banking/ Finance profession, adaptability and application are the key elements for success as stated in the first paragraph of this post. We will cover other professions as well as ascendants in our future posts.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,,, 91-9779883347 (WhatsApp), 91-9878904347



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