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Chandigarh's Management Astrology Chart

Chandigarh’s Management Astrology Chart

Chandigarh is a city different from other capital cities of India, and hence its Chart is a bit different. This Chart belongs to Leo Ascendant, and Sun is the owner of ascendant. This post deals with the basic analysis of Chandigarh. We can be contacted personally for detailed analysis.




1st House (Ascendant)



2nd House

 Sun, Jupiter, Mars


3rd House

Moon, Venus, Rahu


4th House



5th House



6th House



7th House



8th House



9th House



10th House



11th House



12th House




We are analysing the Management Astrology Chart from the point of view of youngsters who are planning to start their career in Job. Chandigarh is also known as the city of service class people. Thus, we are also analysing this Chart from the point of view of People who have spent most of their career in Job and are now planning to start a Business of their own. We begin with the younger generation. In Management Astrology, younger generation is represented by Mercury.  In this chart, Mercury owns second house, the house of money. And three planets are present in this house, Sun, Jupiter and Mars. Since the chart is of Leo ascendant, Sun enjoys a special status in this chart. Thus, the key to money for youngsters  of Chandigarh lies with Sun.  Who is Sun in Management Astrology? The owner of Business. The interpretation is that the natural career of youngsters born and brought up in Chandigarh is working for someone else, i.e. JOB. And Sun is the owner of Universe, which means that Sun can place you anywhere in this world. And what is the Position of Mercury in the overall Chart? Very Good. This means that youngsters from Chandigarh enjoy a high ranking in Job Market throughout India. But is it true for all youngsters of Chandigarh? Jupiter is also present in second house along with Sun. Jupiter is a great friend of Sun. So, Sun can’t provide Job without consulting Jupiter. And what is the precondition to impress Jupiter? Wisdom. The best chance for a youngster to show his wisdom to Jupiter is through a degree from a good Educational Institute. Thus, my advice to youngsters of Chandigarh is to give their best while studying. This is their easiest key to success and money making. Mercury sits in the house of Sun in this chart and thus Chandigarh youngsters will always remain the darling of Job Providers. Mars is the third planet in the house of money. Mars in Management Astrology represents Marketing. Mars owns 9th house in this Chart and is well placed. For an individual, Mars represents self Marketing.  Good personality and communication skills are the precursors to an individual’s self marketing. Placement of planets in third house as well as the connection of mercury with second house indicates excellent communication and personality for Chandigarh youth.  For complete career consultancy, an individual’s horoscope and its matching with Management Astrology Charts of various professions like Technology, Marketing and Finance are also important. Gap areas become the basis of our recommendations. We can be contacted at the mail id/ mobiles given below for complete career consultancy.

Now the people who want to shift from Job to Business. In Management Astrology we describe it as the transition of Jupiter to Sun. Jupiter in the chart of Chandigarh is sitting in the house of Mercury and we have mentioned in our previous posts also that there is a hidden animosity between Jupiter and Mercury. Without the consent of Mercury, Jupiter can never transform in to Sun. Then how do they go about it? Following are the ways and they can adopt either or a combination of them:

1) Involve a Child or younger sibling who understands Business/ Technology/ Modern ways of doing Business

2) Train under a person in the field in which you intend to do Business.

3) Become a financial cum working partner in an established Business. Taking a Franchisee of a competent Brand also falls under this category. However, Choice of Franchisee is extremely important. Take expert advice before investing in such Business

4) Involve a competent Consultant

5) Employ people who have experience in that particular Business

6) Never involve more than 30% of your net worth in Business. Important here is that if this 30% is less than the adequate capital required for that particular Business, don’t invest in that Business.

Above measures will satisfy the conditions of Mercury. However, in our previous article, we have mentioned that Saturn rules the maturity stage of Product Life Cycle, and Saturn is the enemy of Sun. Thus, avoid investing in Products which are in the maturity stage.

In Management Astrology, we make recommendations after analysing the Product’s Management Astrology Chart as well as the personal Horoscope. We also match both these chart with the Location Chart. This establishes the gap areas and becomes the basis of our recommendations. We can be contacted at the mail/ mobiles mentioned below for Business/ Career Consultancy.

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347



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