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Public Horoscope of Politicians

I have been working on the concept of Public Horoscope since long, and am unveiling it today through this Blog Post on my blog . Public Horoscope is different from your personal Horoscope. All the principles of Astrology and Management remain the same, but the only difference is that it is not based on your Date of Birth. Public Horoscope is based on your public conduct as well as what people think about you. Although everyone has his own Public Horoscope, this chart is more significant for People who are involved in Public dealing on mass scale. Since sufficient information about the Conduct of Politicians is available in the Public domain, I’ll be mainly discussing the Public Horoscopes of leading Politicians through my future Blog Posts.

I am not discussing the minute details as well as assumptions in this post as it may become boring for the readers. That’s why I have decided to cover this aspect in an Interesting manner through Public Horoscope analysis of various Politicians in my future posts. Keep visiting

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