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Rahul Gandhi The Prince, The King or the Kingmaker?

Rahul Gandhi’s Public Horoscope is a case study for all those who inherit fortunes from their ancestors (Especially Politicians and Businessmen). Though it’s technically a Management plus Astrological analysis, those without Astrological knowledge can easily understand this. Sun is the King in Management Astrology, and Mercury is the Prince. In simple language, son of the King, the Prince gets the Crown in Inheritance. However, there is usually a transition period when the Prince is groomed to become King. The biggest issue with Rahul Gandhi is that though he and his party think that he is the King or is ready to become a King, the Public perception is that Rahul Gandhi is still in the transition Period. How does he change this Public Perception? I’ll try to find answers through his Public Horoscope.

A few technical aspects before I explain it in simple words.   While a King’s Horoscope is ruled by Leo (Sun), a Prince’s Horoscope is ruled by Virgo (Mercury). A Prince undergoes transition so that this Virgo gets converted to Leo. Rahul Gandhi is stuck up in-between. Since he and his party are aiming for the King’s Horoscope, I’ll limit myself to how he can achieve a King’s Horoscope. In numerological terms of Management Astrology, Mercury gets converted to Sun through the following equation:

Mercury (5) + Moon (2) + Jupiter (3) = Sun (10)

Mercury requires the creativity from Moon and the Wisdom from Jupiter in its transition towards Sun. This is what a Prince requires. Since Prince has the advantage of inheriting the resources, he can always hire Wisdom (Like Congress Party did when they appointed an eminent economist Dr. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister). However, Moon represents one’s own personality which can’t be hired. Only a person himself can change his own personality. That’s precisely the problem with Rahul Gandhi as he is trying to do things which don’t suit his natural personality. Also, he is finding it difficult to change his natural personality.

Rahul Gandhi has the Potential to become a King, and he needs to make the following changes:

  1. In Leo Ascendant (King’s Horoscope), Jupiter assumes a twin Role, a benefic role through Sagittarius (5th House) and a malefic Role through Pisces (8th house).  In common language, Sagittarius represents a learned Man and Pisces represents Priest/Religion/Tradition. Rahul Gandhi will always face troubles on Religion/ Tradition front. The first instance of this is his Gotra issue. The more he and his party speak on this, more the trouble for him. Nation understands his limitations when it comes to Traditions and Religion. He should also understand this and shouldn’t overexpose him when it comes to religion/ traditions. Did you watch his speech in Parliament the day he hugged Narendra Modi, and later blinked his eyes? That speech was one his most brilliant speeches. But the moment he tried to show his understanding of Indian traditions by trying to hug Mr. Modi, he was in trouble. His whole message got lost in it. And then that Blinking of eyes, which is against Indian Traditions also resulted in further trouble. There are many other instances similar to this. The message for him is not to overexpose when it comes to Religion/ Traditions
  2. I’ll cover the Public Horoscope of P.M Modi in my future posts, but am making a small reference of it because of its importance in this analysis. Narendra Modi’s public Horoscope belongs to Scorpio Ascendant. As a matter of coincidence, his personal Horoscope (available on many Public forums) also belongs to Scorpio Ascendant. Pisces (Religion/ Traditions) is extremely benefic for him as it owns the fifth House. Important to note here is that Rahul Gandhi’s weak point (as discussed above under Point 1) is Narendra Modi’s strong point. Thus, he should never take on Narendra Modi directly when it comes to Religion/ Indian Traditions.
  3. Mr. Gandhi’s strong point is through Sagittarius (5th house, Learning and Wisdom) when it comes to his Public Image. He can strengthen his Public Image by hiring wisdom. It is advised that he should form a core committee of experts from various fields, and should hold regular press conferences on various issues of Public importance by letting these experts do most of the talk. He should assume the role of a Coordinator in such Press Conferences. This will be extremely beneficial for his Brand Value.  I have written on finer aspects of Branding many times, and have observed that there is a direct link between 5th house and one’s Public Image/ Branding. Doing the above will strengthen his Public Image (Not explaining further on this aspect because of Business/ Ethical reasons)
  4.  If he supports his speeches with written presentations, or uses reading aids while speaking, he can perform much better. The observation is that there is a clear imbalance between his Mercury and Jupiter, with his Mercury not being supported appropriately by Jupiter. Written presentations aiding his speeches will rectify this error. This suits his natural personality also. He needs structured speeches to boost his Jupiter.
  5. I discussed about the importance of Moon (Creativity) in the transition of a Prince to a King. In case of Rahul Gandhi, this creativity lies in the hands of his Brand Consultants. The Key is to create an effective Strategic Marketing Plan with the aim to show his strong points in a magnified manner in his public appearances, and to downplay his weak points. Cues can be taken from Points 1 to 4.

Congress Party is India’s principal opposition Party, and you need a strong opposition for a healthy Democracy. Which role of Mr. Gandhi’s present Public Horoscope suits Congress Party more? Rahul Gandhi as King or Rahul Gandhi as Kingmaker? Though he has the Potential to become a King, his current Public Horoscope (which still is in the transition phase) suggests that Congress Party will get an immediate boost if he declares his intent to be a Kingmaker for the time being. Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Public Horoscope belongs to Sagittarius Ascendant, and everyone knows the value of Dr. Manmohan Singh during UPA’s previous regime. If a person of similar Profile is projected as Congress’s PM Candidate for 2019, the results can be dramatically positive. Based on Management Astrology and the theory of Public Horoscopes, Raghuram Rajan and Narayan Murthy are my personal choices for this role.

Can’t reveal Rahul Gandhi’s complete Public Horoscope as it is a Business Secret. I’ll discuss more Public Horoscopes in my future Posts/ Books.

Note: Public Horoscope is based on a Person’s Public Image and Actions and is not based on his date of birth. This is highly beneficial for Public Figures. Both Astrological and Management Principles are used while preparing and analysing these Horoscopes.

Copyright: Kujnish Vashisht (Political/ Strategic Marketing Consultant, Practitioner of Chanakyaneeti, Management Astrologer, Author of 3 successful books on Sales and Marketing) 91-9779883347,



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