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Solar Power's Management Astrology Chart

Solar Power’s Management Astrology Chart




1st House (Ascendant)

Jupiter (R)


2nd House



3rd House



4th House



5th House



6th House



7th House



8th House



9th House

Sun, Mercury(R), Venus (R), Moon


10th House



11th House

Saturn, Rahu


12th House





The above chart is the Management Astrology Chart of Solar Power in general. In this Post, we are concentrating only on Solar Rooftop Systems for retail consumers in India. The first thing we look at while analysing a Marketing Chart of a product is the stage in Product Life Cycle (PLC). Solar Power for Bulk Consumers (for instance Power Generation for Government in Bulk through huge capacities) may already have reached the maturity stage of PLC, but solar power on Rooftops for retail consumers is still in the introductory stage of PLC. Our estimate is that this Product will be in its growth stage within a year and this probably is the transition period. Huge capacities have already been established, and with manufacturers facing problems in the Bulk segment, their focus for growth is shifting towards retail customers. This will see augmented efforts by all the Brands towards this segment, which is so far untapped and has a huge potential. As discussed in our previous Post, the product reaches growth stage when efforts (Jupiter) start overcoming the obstacles (Saturn). Obstacle in this case is the reluctance by retail consumers to install Rooftop Solar Systems. Some of the reasons are higher initial cost and also the customers not perceiving huge benefits when they do cost benefit analysis between grid power and solar power.

By analysing ninth house in a Management Astrology chart, we determine which functional area has the potential of maximum reward/effort ratio. Ninth house in this chart is owned by Mars, and Mars in Management Astrology rules Marketing.  However, when we further divide Marketing in to various components, there is a role and scope of other planets also. For instance, Branding is ruled by Venus while Sales Department is ruled again by Mars. Thus, when we talk only about Sales Force, Mars has enhanced significance. Mars in this chart is present in the seventh house. House no 7 in Management Astrology is the house of customers (Target Segment). Whenever Mars is present in seventh house in a chart, it points towards the need for direct selling. There are two kinds of sellers of Solar Power in India. Manufacturers of Solar Panels form the first category (Waaree Energies, Vikram Solar and Goldi Green). Second category is Inverter Manufacturers like Sukam, Luminous and Microtek. Manufacturers of Solar Panels have negligible track record in retail segment. Sukam, Luminous and Microtek have a well established Dealer network, but when it comes to direct selling network for the retail customers, they are yet to make efforts in this direction.

 And who is the owner of seventh house in this Chart? Saturn. This indicates that resistance to buy by customers will remain even in the early growth stage of PLC. And Saturn matches the strength of Mars in this chart. Luckily, Benific Jupiter aspects seventh house in this chart and the combination of Jupiter and Mars has the potential to overcome obstacles by Saturn in this introductory stage of PLC. This aspect of Jupiter indicates the kind of people required for Direct Selling. A similar (not exact) combination exists in the Management Astrology Chart of Insurance Products. Insurance is an unsought product whose gains are not immediate but are futuristic. Solar Power also falls in the same category. Thus, Marketers should study the pattern of sales in Insurance products to enhance their reach to retail segment. They may even hire people from Insurance Industry, train them well and reap the benefits.

Some of the players mentioned above are selling their products to retail customers through MNRE approved Solar Integrators. If we analyse this from Management Astrology angle, this is a below average effort, a kind of stop gap arrangement. If a company or Brand really wants to establish itself in rooftop solar power in retail segment, it will have to invest in the direct selling network. It can be done in many ways. For instance, Franchising is also a direct to customer network whose shape and scope can be adapted to suit Solar Industry as well as to the conditions of Management Astrology mentioned above.

There is much more to write and a Book can be written on Solar Power Marketing. We will try to cover many more aspects of Solar Power Marketing in our future posts. 

Author: Kujnish Vashisht, Expedient Consultants,,, 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347

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