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Unfair Means and Mass Marketing

Market Segmentation helps the marketers to adjust their marketing offer more in line with needs and wants of the customers. In this post, we are focusing on Mass marketing strategy where sellers engage in mass production, mass distribution and mass promotion for all buyers. We will cover various aspects of Market segmentation and their definitions in terms of Management Astrology in our later posts. Mass marketing strategy in Management Astrology is ruled by the planet Saturn and Rahu plays an important role in making the product popular in mass segment. The ascendant of Management Astrology chart of mass markets is ruled by Aquarius (Saturn). Seventh house, the house of customers is ruled by Sun. Sun and Saturn are father and Sun, but the relationship between the two is strained. The planets which are dear to both Saturn and Sun are Venus and Mercury. For creating a balance between two divergent planets, we take the help of common friends to create synergy. Venus is the planet which rules Branding and Mercury is the planet which rules communication. When we talk about communication in mass markets between the marketers and customers, advertising in mass media plays the most important role. Ninth house (the house from which we determine which aspect of Business can give maximum reward for a given set of efforts) is ruled by Venus. Thus, Brand management is the key to success in mass markets. We have mentioned the role of Rahu in Mass Marketing. Rahu is the planet which gives success but often through unfair means. Management Astrology states with full responsibility that no Business can prosper in mass segment without use of unfair means. However, key here is the management of unfair means. Placement of Rahu in the chart of Individual Brand or organisation determines how well it can manage Rahu as well as unfair means, and in what manner. We may announce the complete Management Astrology chart of Mass Marketing Strategy in our later posts, and we will discuss many more interesting facts about mass marketing.

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