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WaheGuru, The Guru Mantra

WaheGuru is a magical mantra which has been sending positive and calming vibes to my inner core since my Childhood. It’s only now that I have started understanding the true meaning. And it’s Just the beginning. In my book “Attain Divine Marketing Powers through Hanuman Chalisa”, I mentioned the need to approach God as our Guru. If we don’t follow his teachings, it limits his power to help us. Sikhism is a religion which is based purely on the teachings of The Guru. Through this post, I am announcing the beginning of my quest for Management Lessons from Sikh Religion and Gurbani.

As per, WaheGuru implies wonder at the Divine Light which eliminates Spiritual Darkness and illuminates our inner core with truth. WaheGuru is the Primary mantra of Sikhism. The meaning is amazingly close to the first line of first Doha of Hanuman Chalisa

श्रीगुरु चरण् सरोजरज, निजमनमुकुर सुधार

Shree-Guru Charan Saroja-Raja, Nija-Mana-Mukura Sudhaar

The meaning is “With the Dust of the Lotus Feet of Sri Gurudev, I Clean the Mirror of my Heart”.

Ik Omkkar ੴ is a symbol in Sikhism which represents one supreme reality, and is central tenet of Sikh Religious Philosophy. When there is a striking similarity between WaheGuru, and first line of Hanuman Chalisa, doesn’t it reinforce the Philosophy of Ik Omkkar? We all have learnt in our Childhood that God is one, but people worship God in different ways. Following Ik Omkkar, I now seek the divine blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to cleanse the mirror of my heart, to illuminate my mind with the divine light which shows me the path to understand Gurbani. I wish to get many lessons for Management from Gurbani. And since this is my beginning, I request my Sikh Brothers to guide me and to Join me in this Journey. 

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