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Importance of Ram Mandir Ordinance in Branding

Selecting the right promotion objectives in marketing is an extremely important task. Most common mistake in marketing is failure to recognize that Promotion objectives change with changes in Marketing Environment. Some of the common Promotion objectives are Brand Recognition through Launching / Brand Recall through repeated promotion efforts/ informing the Customers that we have delivered what we promised. Last objective is the most important since it adds immense faith value to a Brand.

Is BJP in the process of making a major marketing error? Or are they still waiting for the right time? Before moving further, I wish to inform readers that this is a matter of faith, and I, like majority of Indians am clearly in favor Shree Ram Mandir at his Birth Place. And being into Strategic Marketing, I am only trying to analyze the marketing consequences of this issue. Late 1980’s and early 1990’s was the stage when promotion objective of BJP was to inform the voters that there should be a Ram Mandir on that disputed site. Another objective was to be seen as the only Political Party which can make it happen. They achieved this objective with flying colors through their actions in early and mid-1990’s. During Vajpayee Ji’s NDA Government, focus was clearly on development, and Shree Ram Mandir was also an important issue. However, as the Government was not in a position to make a constitutional amendment to facilitate Ram Mandir, the promotional objective for BJP was to keep reminding the Voters that there will be a Ram Mandir when BJP gains absolute majority. Voters understood the legal complications.

BJP got a comfortable majority in 2014 elections through a smart development oriented campaign under the leadership of Modi Ji. Focus was clearly on development and BJP were able to inform their development works effectively to their Voters. But should they let the Courts decide Ram Mandir issue when they clearly are in majority? They could but they didn’t. Can BJP to go into next elections with this image? No doubt, development is a major issue for BJP now, but should they be passive on Ram Mandir issue? It’s like Domino’s strengthening its Brand by promising a 30 minute or free delivery, but later backtracking citing traffic reforms to take place or Road conditions to improve as a Pre-condition. Ram Mandir is a core element of Brand BJP and it will be a big marketing error if they don’t bring in Ram Mandir ordinance.

Two developments are worth mentioning here. One is Supreme Court Chief Justice’s rejection of early hearing citing that Court has its own priorities. Second was Yogi Adityanath’s statement he will be going to Ayodhaya with good news on this Diwali of 2018. Still 2 days to go for Diwali. Is it going to be an ordinance on Ram Mandir? If yes, BJP will achieve their promotional objective of informing their voters that they have fulfilled their promise. This will create enormous faith value for their Brand. Or are they waiting for the right time, till January when SC again hears this case? With a few months to go for 2019 elections, it may well be a better timing, although Diwali timing will make this announcement extremely special.

Going into 2019 elections with just a promise may not work this time. Agreed that BJP has also successfully established development as another core element of its Brand, but Ram Mandir is a matter of faith and still a prime element with a large chunk of its supporters. Whether the ordinance passes the legal test is irrelevant from marketing angle. Important is that they maintain the faith value of their Brand.

Author of this Post Kujnish Vashisht is a leading Strategic Marketing Consultant, Start-ups Consultant, and a Practitioner of Chanakyaneeti. He is an Author of three successful books on Marketing and Sales. He can be contacted at 91-9779883347, 91-9878904347,

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