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Second Half of your career demands balancing between Mercury and Jupiter

Formal education in Management Astrology is ruled by Jupiter, and the application of knowledge is ruled by Mercury. In management terms, Jupiter (Formal Education) is the principal amount and Mercury (application of knowledge) is return on investment. In this post we are limiting ourselves only to i…

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Career City

Every city has its own Management Astrology Chart and it has direct impact on an individual’s career. Thus, to rise in career, one needs to know which places are best suited to one’s career. Some people rise in metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai, whereas some may rise in even smaller cities. Best ex…

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Banking Careers and Management Astrology

As mentioned before, every functional area (for a Job) has a separate Management Astrology Chart. In this post, we are discussing the Management Astrology chart for Banking Jobs. Management Astrology assigns Sagittarius ascendant to Banking Jobs. Sun being the lord of 9th house is the most benific p…

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Think Beyond Traditional Astrology for Jobs/Careers

Traditional Astrology often gets it wrong when it comes to Jobs and Careers. They analyze only the personal astrological profile of the individual whereas it should be understood that Individuals perform in a career with reference to a Job Environment where external factors play the most crucial rol…

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