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Marketing Balance Sheet of Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda

Pleased to release Marketing Balance Sheet of Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Ex-CM, Haryana) today. This is based on my model of Marketing Balance Sheet. This is a comprehensive document with the following three Key Objectives:

a) To analyze chances of Congress Party in Haryana Assembly Elections 202…

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Haryana C.M Mr M.L Khattar's Marketing Balance Sheet

Kindly click on this Link to download Mr M.L Khattar's Marketing Balance Sheet. This document evaluates Current Haryana C.M  on the applicable Marketing Parameters, and is based on my Marketing Balance Sheet Model. I am in the process of preparing Marketing Balance Sheets of many interesting pe…

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Rahul Gandhi The Prince, The King or the Kingmaker?

Rahul Gandhi’s Public Horoscope is a case study for all those who inherit fortunes from their ancestors (Especially Politicians and Businessmen). Though it’s technically a Management plus Astrological analysis, those without Astrological knowledge can easily understand this. Sun is the King in Manag…

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Public Horoscope of Politicians

I have been working on the concept of Public Horoscope since long, and am unveiling it today through this Blog Post on my blog . Public Horoscope is different from your personal Horoscope. All the principles of Astrology and Management remain the same, but the only difference i…

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Can Shree Ram take Birth Again to Bring Ram Rajya

What's a KISS in Politics?

“Impact of the use of data in elections is over-hyped. Data analytics and machine learning are not a game-changer in the Indian elections” You have to trust a statement when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The above statement is not mine, but of Prashant Kishore, who is credited with using…

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Business Partner Required

Rational Ignorance in Politics

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