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Chanakyaneeti in Business


We offer the following Services

1) Management Astrology

A unique concept which combines Management with Astrology is based on years of research and experience. We offer effective solutions to Corporate Houses, Enterprises, Corporate executives (Career Consultancy) as well Individuals (Career as well as Self Marketing and growth strategies) based on Management Astrology.

2) Complete Marketing Analysis

This includes Defining the Product, PLC Analysis, Environmental Analysis, Deciding the Right Positioning and Segmentation Strategy, Innovative Pricing, Optimization of the Distribution System as well as its synergy with respect to the Company/Product, Cost Effective Promotional Strategy, Designing the Promotional Campaigns, Competitor analysis as well as designing smart strategies to counter the competitors, Marketing Audits.

3) Sales Force Analysis

This includes recommending the optimum Sales Force with respect to the Company/Product, Analyzing the performance of the Sales Force as well as recommending measures to increase the Productivity of the Sales Force, Measures to Control the Sales Force. We Can also Control/Guide your Sales Force on Annual Contract Basis.

4) Sales Force Training

We design customized Sales Force Training Programs With respect to the Company/Product/Type of Sales Force, and Conduct Training Workshops.

5) Franchising and New Business

We offer Complete Franchising Solutions if you wish to Franchise your Services.We Can help you set up the Complete Marketing/ Sales Department for your new Business. Also. we offer Consultancy from Scratch if you wish to set up a New Project in Services Sector.

6) Solutions based on Chanakyaneeti

We offer innovative Solutions on the basis of Arthashastra, the Book written by the great Chanakya. We also adapt the ideas given by other great thinkers with respect to your Product/Company/Environment.