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Management Astrology is  combination of Management and Astrology. Every individual has a horoscope (Birth Chart). Similarly, every Business/ Brand or Career has its own horoscope known as Management chart. Normal Astrologers can make predictions on the basis of an individual’s horoscope or Birth Chart, but they are ignorant about the Management Chart. If Management Chart of a particular Business or Career indicates only 40% success factor, then no matter how good an individual’s chart is, he is trying to do his best in only the available 40%. Thus, the chances of success are bleak. In matters of Business and Career, Management Chart is much more important than an individual’s chart. Keep following our Blog for regular posts on Management Astrology.

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Halla Bol in Pink? The number Eleven dilemma of Rajasthan Royals

Recently, Rajasthan Royals announced the decision to wear Pink Jersey in IPL 2019. Does this change in colour hold some significance from Management Astrology angle? It does. Rajasthani Community is a great community with distinguished history and unparalleled achievements. However, this community in general suffers from dual personality dilemma, and this Choice of Pink strengthens this argument.  I’m keeping this article short and crisp so that the message is not lost.

Rajasthan means Land of Kings. Sun is the King in Management Astrology and number 1 represents Sun. Rajasthani Community is primarily ruled by Sun. Sun also represents Boss in Management Astrology. How would you react/interpret if your Boss starts wearing a Pink Suit in his official meetings? An interesting observation is that if you add Rajasthan numerically, the number is 92, which when further added gives master number 11. Here lies the dilemma. Number 11 means double impact of Sun (1+1, King, Ego, and Source of Wealth) to give the net resultant Moon (represented by Number 2 (1+1), Emotions and their impact on Personality). Number 11 imparts dual personality to Rajasthani Community. On one hand, you will observe Extreme Royal Masculine ego represented by double Sun, and at the same time you will observe humble hospitality represented by feminine Moon. Thus, while Halla Bol, the slogan of Rajasthan Royals represents Double Sun, Padharo Mhare Desh of Rajasthan Tourism represents Moon. The community as a whole is often split between Sun (Masculine) and Moon (Feminine), thus causing confusion.

Jaipur is known as Pink City, and that primarily was the reason to change the Jersey Colour. Management Astrology interprets it as the continuation of dual personality dilemma of Rajasthani Community. Halla Bol (Masculine) is right, Team’s mascot Moochu Singh (Lion, Masculine, represented by Singh/LEO/Sun) is right, but Jersey Colour Pink (Feminine) is wrong. I agree that Pink emotionally unites Rajasthani Community because of Pink Jaipur, Pink Sandstone, Pink Embroidery, Pink Turbans and Pink Marble. However, did we see the liberal use of Pink in flags of several Princely states of Rajasthan? And particularly, does one use Pink in War? Cricket is a masculine game and involves aggression. Modern day cricket is no less than war. Liberal use of Pink by Rajasthan Royals clearly shows dual personality dilemma in their approach. I’m not discussing the similar dilemma in their cricketing approach/strategy here as my message may be lost in the lengthy analysis. Masculine colours like Orange/ Red are best suited for this Team.

P.S: It’s worthwhile to add here that this article only intends to highlight a flaw in overall strategy of Rajasthan Royals. The community as a whole knows how to overcome this dilemma, which makes this community a great community.

Copyright: Kujnish Vashisht,, 91-9878904347,

Impact of Moon and Saturn on different Professions

Moon and Saturn have a complex relationship. While Moon takes care of your Creative abilities and dynamic elements of your personality, Saturn’s department is Perseverance. While Moon empowers you to interpret a situation in many ways, it also creates dilemmas and self-doubt. Saturn on the other hand prompts you to think like an emotionless machine, empowering you do the same task for a longer period of time. Placement of these planets in your horoscope, their results in different major Periods (Mahadashas) and Sub-Periods, and the resulting impact on the Profession you are in, all these factors decide how you perform in your Life and Career. I have deliberately included the word Life because the impact of Moon and Saturn on your Profession directly impacts your Personal Life.

There are certain Professions which require some Routine activities to be repeated time and again. Some examples are Chartered Accountancy, Manufacturing, and most of the Office related Jobs. Saturn rules these Professions as they require persistent repetition of a Routine. The task of a Management Astrologer for such Professions is to control Moon, and to Strengthen Saturn in a person’s Personal Horoscope.

All the Creative Professions like Art, Fiction Writing, and Poet are ruled by Moon. A Strong Saturn in such Charts, or a Major Period or Sub-Period of Saturn will kill creativity. Whenever you see a Creative Person’s inability to produce novelty elements in his work or performance, or a high element of boring repetition, you can safely infer that his Saturn needs to be managed and his Moon needs to be strengthened.

There are many Professions which are In-Between, i.e. which require a certain level of balance between Moon and Saturn. Trading in Stock Market is one such Profession. Every moment or event in Stock Market creates a new situation (both Positive and Negative), and prompts a person to interpret that situation in terms of either greed or fear. This interpretation is ruled by Moon, and that’s why you see different people interpreting the same situation in different ways. Trading in Stock Market requires quick interpretation of Situations, and a Strong Moon accompanied by previous experience (ruled by Saturn) develops a workable gut feeling in a person. Trading in Stock Market also requires that a person should remain Calm under all Situations. While a wavering Moon would never let a person to get into a groove, an Emotionless and Suspicious Saturn would never let a Trader take a trade. If a Stock Market Trader persistently says that “I’m waiting for the right Opportunity to Enter”, the clear interpretation is that his Saturn needs some good amount of Work. Similarly, if you see a Trader frequently changing his trades, his Moon needs some counseling.

Unfortunately, the present times requires a person to perform many dynamic roles at the same time. Thus, Importance of Moon in a Horoscope increases manifolds. Most of the times, it is not the dreaded Saturn, but the Moon which needs persistent management. Since the Planetary position keeps changing, and the external environment is fast changing, the interpretation of both Moon and Saturn also changes frequently. This is the single largest reason for unhappiness in our lives.

What should be done to overcome this? We prepare short term customized action plans based on one’s Personal Horoscope, his Profession, his External Environment, his Previous Experience as well as his ability to interpret and handle different situations, his Physical resources, and his Personality. Some new learning and some unlearning are also required to optimize a Horoscope. We also work closely with the Clients in implementing such short term action plans. Any Change in Environment or a Change in Major Astrological Period or Sub-Period (In both External Environment as well as the Personal Horoscope) usually requires a Change in the Action Plan.

Note: We offer Free Initial Advice to International Clients (Non-Residents of India). WhatsApp Consultancy Available (91-9779883347)

Copyright: Kujnish Vashisht, a Pioneer of Management Astrology, a Strategic Marketing Consultant, and an Author of three Successful Books on Marketing and Sales., 91-9779883347 (India)

Rahul Gandhi The Prince, The King or the Kingmaker?

Rahul Gandhi’s Public Horoscope is a case study for all those who inherit fortunes from their ancestors (Especially Politicians and Businessmen). Though it’s technically a Management plus Astrological analysis, those without Astrological knowledge can easily understand this. Sun is the King in Management Astrology, and Mercury is the Prince. In simple language, son of the King, the Prince gets the Crown in Inheritance. However, there is usually a transition period when the Prince is groomed to become King. The biggest issue with Rahul Gandhi is that though he and his party think that he is the King or is ready to become a King, the Public perception is that Rahul Gandhi is still in the transition Period. How does he change this Public Perception? I’ll try to find answers through his Public Horoscope.

A few technical aspects before I explain it in simple words.   While a King’s Horoscope is ruled by Leo (Sun), a Prince’s Horoscope is ruled by Virgo (Mercury). A Prince undergoes transition so that this Virgo gets converted to Leo. Rahul Gandhi is stuck up in-between. Since he and his party are aiming for the King’s Horoscope, I’ll limit myself to how he can achieve a King’s Horoscope. In numerological terms of Management Astrology, Mercury gets converted to Sun through the following equation:

Mercury (5) + Moon (2) + Jupiter (3) = Sun (10)

Mercury requires the creativity from Moon and the Wisdom from Jupiter in its transition towards Sun. This is what a Prince requires. Since Prince has the advantage of inheriting the resources, he can always hire Wisdom (Like Congress Party did when they appointed an eminent economist Dr. Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister). However, Moon represents one’s own personality which can’t be hired. Only a person himself can change his own personality. That’s precisely the problem with Rahul Gandhi as he is trying to do things which don’t suit his natural personality. Also, he is finding it difficult to change his natural personality.

Rahul Gandhi has the Potential to become a King, and he needs to make the following changes:

  1. In Leo Ascendant (King’s Horoscope), Jupiter assumes a twin Role, a benefic role through Sagittarius (5th House) and a malefic Role through Pisces (8th house).  In common language, Sagittarius represents a learned Man and Pisces represents Priest/Religion/Tradition. Rahul Gandhi will always face troubles on Religion/ Tradition front. The first instance of this is his Gotra issue. The more he and his party speak on this, more the trouble for him. Nation understands his limitations when it comes to Traditions and Religion. He should also understand this and shouldn’t overexpose him when it comes to religion/ traditions. Did you watch his speech in Parliament the day he hugged Narendra Modi, and later blinked his eyes? That speech was one his most brilliant speeches. But the moment he tried to show his understanding of Indian traditions by trying to hug Mr. Modi, he was in trouble. His whole message got lost in it. And then that Blinking of eyes, which is against Indian Traditions also resulted in further trouble. There are many other instances similar to this. The message for him is not to overexpose when it comes to Religion/ Traditions
  2. I’ll cover the Public Horoscope of P.M Modi in my future posts, but am making a small reference of it because of its importance in this analysis. Narendra Modi’s public Horoscope belongs to Scorpio Ascendant. As a matter of coincidence, his personal Horoscope (available on many Public forums) also belongs to Scorpio Ascendant. Pisces (Religion/ Traditions) is extremely benefic for him as it owns the fifth House. Important to note here is that Rahul Gandhi’s weak point (as discussed above under Point 1) is Narendra Modi’s strong point. Thus, he should never take on Narendra Modi directly when it comes to Religion/ Indian Traditions.
  3. Mr. Gandhi’s strong point is through Sagittarius (5th house, Learning and Wisdom) when it comes to his Public Image. He can strengthen his Public Image by hiring wisdom. It is advised that he should form a core committee of experts from various fields, and should hold regular press conferences on various issues of Public importance by letting these experts do most of the talk. He should assume the role of a Coordinator in such Press Conferences. This will be extremely beneficial for his Brand Value.  I have written on finer aspects of Branding many times, and have observed that there is a direct link between 5th house and one’s Public Image/ Branding. Doing the above will strengthen his Public Image (Not explaining further on this aspect because of Business/ Ethical reasons)
  4.  If he supports his speeches with written presentations, or uses reading aids while speaking, he can perform much better. The observation is that there is a clear imbalance between his Mercury and Jupiter, with his Mercury not being supported appropriately by Jupiter. Written presentations aiding his speeches will rectify this error. This suits his natural personality also. He needs structured speeches to boost his Jupiter.
  5. I discussed about the importance of Moon (Creativity) in the transition of a Prince to a King. In case of Rahul Gandhi, this creativity lies in the hands of his Brand Consultants. The Key is to create an effective Strategic Marketing Plan with the aim to show his strong points in a magnified manner in his public appearances, and to downplay his weak points. Cues can be taken from Points 1 to 4.

Congress Party is India’s principal opposition Party, and you need a strong opposition for a healthy Democracy. Which role of Mr. Gandhi’s present Public Horoscope suits Congress Party more? Rahul Gandhi as King or Rahul Gandhi as Kingmaker? Though he has the Potential to become a King, his current Public Horoscope (which still is in the transition phase) suggests that Congress Party will get an immediate boost if he declares his intent to be a Kingmaker for the time being. Dr. Manmohan Singh’s Public Horoscope belongs to Sagittarius Ascendant, and everyone knows the value of Dr. Manmohan Singh during UPA’s previous regime. If a person of similar Profile is projected as Congress’s PM Candidate for 2019, the results can be dramatically positive. Based on Management Astrology and the theory of Public Horoscopes, Raghuram Rajan and Narayan Murthy are my personal choices for this role.

Can’t reveal Rahul Gandhi’s complete Public Horoscope as it is a Business Secret. I’ll discuss more Public Horoscopes in my future Posts/ Books.

Note: Public Horoscope is based on a Person’s Public Image and Actions and is not based on his date of birth. This is highly beneficial for Public Figures. Both Astrological and Management Principles are used while preparing and analysing these Horoscopes.

Copyright: Kujnish Vashisht (Political/ Strategic Marketing Consultant, Practitioner of Chanakyaneeti, Management Astrologer, Author of 3 successful books on Sales and Marketing) 91-9779883347,



Navjot Sidhu's Public Horoscope

Navjot Sidhu’s Public Horoscope is a classic example of how one can excel by creating a perfect balance between Knowledge, application of Knowledge, perseverance and Creativity. Just to refresh your knowledge, in Management Astrology, Jupiter denotes knowledge Mercury denotes application of knowledge, Saturn denotes perseverance and Moon denotes creativity. A balance between all these four planets is rare. I’ll explain this combination in an interesting manner so that those without knowledge of Astrology can also gain from this Post. And this post is not only about praising Sidhu. Later in this post, I’ll also explain as a Political Marketing analyst as to how he should be approached and tackled by his opponents.  Following are the observations:

  1. In Astrology, Saturn (Perseverance) and Moon (Creativity) are enemies. The Management logic is that Creativity (Moon) is a rare commodity and can’t be produced on mass scale (Saturn) with predefined methods. Navjot Sidhu defies this logic. He has been successful in setting up a factory of creativity within himself and that too with extremely low production time. It is reflected in the way he answers/deflects some of the most difficult questions, as well as his Poetic verses (Both Comic as well as serious, which further adds a kind of invincibility to his personality)
  2. It is essential to create a balance between Knowledge (Jupiter) and application of knowledge (Mercury). Jupiter is planning while Mercury is implementation. One can’t implement efficiently without proper planning and a plan is useless if it can’t be implemented practically. Sidhu has worked a way to lift up both his Mercury and Jupiter in equal proportions (which is often missing in a majority of people as their Horoscope is tilted either towards Jupiter or Mercury). While people tend to take him lightly, the kind of planning and research done by him before speaking efficiently and creatively on an issue often goes unacknowledged. The lesson for everyone (especially for Politicians) is to make comprehensive research as the basis for actions.
  3. In the four planets mentioned above, Sidhu has developed parallel tracks for two distinctive combinations, which is again rare. On track No 1 are the friends Mercury (Intelligence) and Saturn (Perseverance and hard work). A person with high Intelligence Quotient can excel if and only if he backs it up with hard work and perseverance. On track 2 are Moon (Creativity) and Jupiter (Wisdom). It should be noted that Moon and Jupiter together create Gajkesari Yog which gives a person the sense to use creativity wisely. It seems that Sidhu has developed some kind of a railway monitoring system within him, where he doesn’t let trains on first track to interfere with trains on the second track. He is intelligent plus hardworking and creative plus wise, and doesn’t let these two distinct combinations to interfere or create dilemmas in his personality.

Now a few technical details before I move to the Political Marketing analysis which may be beneficial for his opponents (and also for him). Sidhu’s Public Horoscope belongs to Gemini Ascendant and Sagittarius Moon sign (Not sharing full details about his Public Horoscope as it’s a Professional secret). Based on his Public Horoscope, his opponents can counter him in the following manner:

  1. His horoscope is ruled by planet Mercury. This planet is short acting and dual in nature. This planet is his biggest strength, but can also prove to be his nemesis. Have you heard about the tag line of a famous Laddu wala from Kanpur by the name of Thaggu key Laddu? His tag line is “Aisa Koi Saga Nahi, Jisey Humney Thaga Nahi. Mercury, the most beneficial planet for him has the potential to do that to Sidhu. Mercury has an upper hand in informal atmosphere while Jupiter has an upper hand in formal atmosphere. The issue with Sidhu is that he makes Public appearances both in the formal and informal atmospheres. Icing on the cake is conflicting ownerships of Ascendant (Mercury) and Brand Personality (Moon Sign Jupiter). The analysis is that though his mercury is strong, certain influences and combinations indicate that he is more likely to make mistakes in the informal atmosphere where he has a tendency to talk loose. During my research, I came across an old episode where he had made some sarcastic remarks against Bhappa Community of Sikhs while doing Cricket Commentary ( ) While Sidhu is now being hailed as a Champion of Sikh cause after the Kartarpur Corridor, such outlandish comments, can put him into an indefensible situation. Notable here is that the Bhappa Community (Khatri Sikhs) are often mocked by the Jatt Community (many social media posts are available in public domain), and Sidhu (Jatt Community) was sent a legal notice for hurting the sentiments of the other community. Many instances of his loose talks are available in Public domain which can or may be used by his opponents. A smart opponent may even trap him by strategically getting Sidhu involved in some fresh loose talk publically.
  2. Sidhu often tries to be the man of the moment. This is clear evidence that his mind is controlled by Mercury because Mercury also acts in momentary fashion. Engaging him for a longer duration on a subject or issue is against his natural inclination. He often gets away with this because he uses his creative abilities as deflection tactics the moment he feels uncomfortable in a situation. Engaging him on an issue for a longer period may compel him to commit mistakes. Important to note here is that because of the way he lifts up his Jupiter to provide a balance to Mercury, he gets away with these mistakes.
  3. Eighth house of his public horoscope is ruled by Capricorn (Saturn). We often look at the possible trouble areas through this house. Eighth house also represents the unknown mysteries as well as the bad karmas. Are you his opponent? Do a deep research into his past, and you’ll find many opportunities. Saturn (the owner of his eighth house) is the planet of Justice. Since Saturn is a slow planet, it often delays the Justice.
  4. Speaking is Sidhu’s natural turf, but writing isn’t. That’s shown by his planetary combinations (Public Horoscope). Instead of a Verbal debate with him, opponents should try to engage him in a written debate.
  5. There is a method to Sidhu’s madness. There is a method in the way he deflects and tackles situations through his comic style. That’s clearly suggested by his Public Horoscope. A manual based on Chanayaneeti can decode this madness. This manual should simply list the issues related to him, and then should list his various possible responses. A counter strategy can be prepared based on this manual. This process is similar to the way a batsman plays a spinner by watching his hand movement.

I can’t share more analysis since I am sharing only a part of his Public Horoscope. Needless to mention that like many, I am a great fan of Navjot Singh Sidhu, a multifaceted personality.

Note: Public Horoscope is based on a Person’s Public Image and Actions and is not based on his date of birth. This is highly beneficial for Public Figures. Both Astrological and Management Principles are used while preparing and analysing these Horoscopes.

Copyright: Kujnish Vashisht (Political/ Strategic Marketing Consultant, Practitioner of Chanakyaneeti, Management Astrologer, Author of 3 successful books on Sales and Marketing) 91-9779883347,

Public Horoscope of Politicians

I have been working on the concept of Public Horoscope since long, and am unveiling it today through this Blog Post on my blog . Public Horoscope is different from your personal Horoscope. All the principles of Astrology and Management remain the same, but the only difference is that it is not based on your Date of Birth. Public Horoscope is based on your public conduct as well as what people think about you. Although everyone has his own Public Horoscope, this chart is more significant for People who are involved in Public dealing on mass scale. Since sufficient information about the Conduct of Politicians is available in the Public domain, I’ll be mainly discussing the Public Horoscopes of leading Politicians through my future Blog Posts.

I am not discussing the minute details as well as assumptions in this post as it may become boring for the readers. That’s why I have decided to cover this aspect in an Interesting manner through Public Horoscope analysis of various Politicians in my future posts. Keep visiting

Copyright: Kujnish Vashisht (Political/ Strategic Marketing Consultant, Practitioner of Chanakyaneeti, Management Astrologer, Author of 3 successful books on Sales and Marketing) 91-9779883347,


What's in a Name? A Lot

What’s in a name? A lot. Did you know that world’s leading names in Technology/Communication like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Apple have a clear Astrological connection? And did you know that the impact from these Apps also has a direct connection with your mind (Moon in your Horoscope)? I’ll present a small logical explanation which almost everyone can understand. I am starting with Numerology. Apple is a leading name in Technology, and I have explained through many previous Blog posts that in Management Astrology, Mercury rules Technology and Communication. The name adds to number 50 which further adds to 5 . Number 5 is ruled by Mercury. GOOGLE adds to 61 which further adds to 7. Number 7 is ruled by Ketu, which also governs any system which unearths the secrets. Isn’t GOOGLE the biggest detective of the modern world? FACEBOOK adds to 58 which further adds to 13 and then 4. Number 4 is represented by Rahu which represents extreme materialism.  Flaunting is also an extreme form of materialism which in our horoscope is represented by Rahu. Isn’t Facebook about flaunting? Rahu also represents exaggeration. The fact that even a Joker gets branded as handsome on Facebook comments strengthens this argument. And finally let’s discuss WhatsApp, which has revolutionized instant communication. It adds to 104 which further adds to 5. Anyone who knows Astrology can tell you that Mercury rules communication.  Can all this be a coincidence?

The first conclusion from the above is that names and numbers do matter in our life. I have explained through my previous posts that even Rajyogas mentioned in Astrology have a number connection. Picking up numbers by simply adding your date of birth is an extremely simplistic approach by Numerologists. The exact number which signifies your personality and can decide your fortunes can only be determined by looking at your personal horoscope. And did you know that applications like WhatsApp and Facebook have a direct impact on your horoscope? Just think for a while how these applications have impacted your daily routine, work and relationships. The direct impact is on moon in your horoscope as it represents your mind and personality. Understanding the importance of this impact, I have prepared the horoscopes of both WhatsApp and Facebook. Matching of these horoscopes with your personal horoscopes determines how you should conduct yourself on Facebook and WhatsApp. Many would agree with me that even a single post or comment on Facebook and Whatsapp can have an impact on our mind/ image/ relationships/ business/career. Even bigger impact can be on your health. Let’s for instance consider WhatsApp which is ruled by Mercury. While mercury (WhatsApp) represents Communication, Ketu represents miscommunication when in sign of Mercury (although accompanying planets as well as the house determines the net resultant in your horoscope). If you have such a combination in your horoscope, your written communication has an extremely high probability of causing misunderstanding. The problem is compounded when Jupiter is weak in your Horoscope. Think about the confusions and miseries it can cause in your relationships and career. Various other combinations in your horoscope also have positive or negative impacts. Contact us if you want to know how your Horoscope gels with WhatsApp/ Facebook or any other App.  I’ll write more about this on .

P.S: We provide Business/Career Consultancy based on Management Astrology, and are looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad. Kindly contact for details. Product mix includes Start-Up Consultancy, Career Consultancy, Strategic Marketing Solutions, Strategic Alliances, Joint-Ventures and Business Takeovers.

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The Gemstone Fraud

Can Gemstones actually work against you? Can the impact be real serious? The answer is a big Yes. No matter how qualified your Astrologer is, you should refrain from wearing Gemstones. It may even cost you your life. Following are the logical arguments against wearing Gemstones:

  1. It’s an era of technology, and every Astrologer either has his own website, or has a presence through Social media. Read their posts regarding Gemstones. You will be shocked to find that almost every Astrologer has his own version of Gemology. A principal of Gemology which is good for a particular Astrologer is criticized by the other. When they themselves are unsure about the exact impact of Gems, the probability is that some may be right and some may be wrong. But try reading the posts of leading Astrologers and not the Novices. Even they differ in their interpretation. If there are so many dilemmas, how can you try risking your Career/ Health based on this uncertainty?
  2. Can a Gemstone create an irreversible impact on your health? There is no mechanism to measure what slow chemical changes take place in your body after you wear a Gemstone. Even medical tests can’t measure the impacts at an early stage. Gemstones have the Power to impact the chemical balance of your body. If worn for your career, they may impact your health. If worn for a particular disease, it may treat that disease, but how can you be sure that it is not sowing seeds for another disease. The logic is simple. You take a medicine for Blood pressure, and it may treat your Blood Pressure. But is it detrimental for your kidneys? Fortunately, medical science works through diagnosis, and Doctors recommend medical tests before prescribing a medicine. Do Astrologers have the capability to measure each and every chemical change in your body resulting from a Gemstone? The impact may not be visible immediately as Chemical reactions in the body slowly take the shape of a demon. Decide yourself as it may be more a question of belief. But if you believe in Science and Logic, don’t let your Astrologer play with your health.
  3. Do the Astrologers have an ulterior motive in selling Gemstones to you? My answer is through a Counter question. Do you know a Jeweller who can share his secrets with you? If yes, just ask him how much commission he pays to the Astrologers. Almost every Jeweller who sells Gemstones has an under the table arrangement with the Astrologers of his locality. In many cases, this arrangement is through Jeweller’s associations. That’s the Business model of both Astrologers and Jewellers. Most of the Astrologers won’t charge from you upfront, but will try to earn from you through Gemstones and illogical remedies. Can this lead to a Gemstone in your finger whether it suits you or not? Think about it.
  4. Gemstones can have detrimental impact on your career also. Every planet in your horoscope is meant to play a unique role in your life/ career/ business. Altering the strength of one planet can have a detrimental impact on the other planet. For instance, Saturn is an emotionless planet while Moon is the planet which controls your mind and hence your emotions. Creativity also comes through emotions. What happens when your whole career is based on creativity, and your Astrologer recommends a Gemstone which strengthens your Saturn? Does your astrologer consider the Horoscope of your Career/ Business/ Profession before recommending a Gemstone to you? And in management language, is he aware about Job Description of the post you are holding?
  5. Continuing with point 4, such kind of alterations can have a bad impact on your personal relationships also. You may not be even aware about this aspect. Gemstones may even change the Love equation between Husband and Wife. Isn’t this Serious? Can your Astrologer tell you the quantum of change in relationship equations?

In nutshell, Gemstones can have both negative and positive impacts, and there is no mechanism to measure the exact negative impacts of a Gemstone. Even the most qualified Astrologer can’t give a logical answer to this. My purpose of writing this Blog Post is to make you aware that you should always do a reality check of your beliefs and traditions before playing with the important aspects like Health/ Career/Relationships.

I am a Management Astrologer and provide Business/ Career/ Profession consultancy based on combined principles of Management and Astrology. We may be perceived as costly when it comes to upfront fee, but our results are measurable in monetary terms. Instead of readymade and illogical remedies, if you want to work your way to success, and that too in optimum time, you are welcome to the World of Management Astrology.

Keep visiting my blog

P.S: We provide Business/Career Consultancy based on Management Astrology, and are looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad. Kindly contact for details. Product mix includes Start-Up Consultancy, Career Consultancy, Strategic Marketing Solutions, Strategic Alliances, Joint-Ventures and Business Takeovers.

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