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Management Astrology is  combination of Management and Astrology. Every individual has a horoscope (Birth Chart). Similarly, every Business/ Brand or Career has its own horoscope known as Management chart. Normal Astrologers can make predictions on the basis of an individual’s horoscope or Birth Chart, but they are ignorant about the Management Chart. If Management Chart of a particular Business or Career indicates only 40% success factor, then no matter how good an individual’s chart is, he is trying to do his best in only the available 40%. Thus, the chances of success are bleak. In matters of Business and Career, Management Chart is much more important than an individual’s chart. Keep following our Blog for regular posts on Management Astrology.

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What's in a Name? A Lot

What’s in a name? A lot. Did you know that world’s leading names in Technology/Communication like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and Apple have a clear Astrological connection? And did you know that the impact from these Apps also has a direct connection with your mind (Moon in your Horoscope)? I’ll present a small logical explanation which almost everyone can understand. I am starting with Numerology. Apple is a leading name in Technology, and I have explained through many previous Blog posts that in Management Astrology, Mercury rules Technology and Communication. The name adds to number 50 which further adds to 5 . Number 5 is ruled by Mercury. GOOGLE adds to 61 which further adds to 7. Number 7 is ruled by Ketu, which also governs any system which unearths the secrets. Isn’t GOOGLE the biggest detective of the modern world? FACEBOOK adds to 58 which further adds to 13 and then 4. Number 4 is represented by Rahu which represents extreme materialism.  Flaunting is also an extreme form of materialism which in our horoscope is represented by Rahu. Isn’t Facebook about flaunting? Rahu also represents exaggeration. The fact that even a Joker gets branded as handsome on Facebook comments strengthens this argument. And finally let’s discuss WhatsApp, which has revolutionized instant communication. It adds to 104 which further adds to 5. Anyone who knows Astrology can tell you that Mercury rules communication.  Can all this be a coincidence?

The first conclusion from the above is that names and numbers do matter in our life. I have explained through my previous posts that even Rajyogas mentioned in Astrology have a number connection. Picking up numbers by simply adding your date of birth is an extremely simplistic approach by Numerologists. The exact number which signifies your personality and can decide your fortunes can only be determined by looking at your personal horoscope. And did you know that applications like WhatsApp and Facebook have a direct impact on your horoscope? Just think for a while how these applications have impacted your daily routine, work and relationships. The direct impact is on moon in your horoscope as it represents your mind and personality. Understanding the importance of this impact, I have prepared the horoscopes of both WhatsApp and Facebook. Matching of these horoscopes with your personal horoscopes determines how you should conduct yourself on Facebook and WhatsApp. Many would agree with me that even a single post or comment on Facebook and Whatsapp can have an impact on our mind/ image/ relationships/ business/career. Even bigger impact can be on your health. Let’s for instance consider WhatsApp which is ruled by Mercury. While mercury (WhatsApp) represents Communication, Ketu represents miscommunication when in sign of Mercury (although accompanying planets as well as the house determines the net resultant in your horoscope). If you have such a combination in your horoscope, your written communication has an extremely high probability of causing misunderstanding. The problem is compounded when Jupiter is weak in your Horoscope. Think about the confusions and miseries it can cause in your relationships and career. Various other combinations in your horoscope also have positive or negative impacts. Contact us if you want to know how your Horoscope gels with WhatsApp/ Facebook or any other App.  I’ll write more about this on .

P.S: We provide Business/Career Consultancy based on Management Astrology, and are looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad. Kindly contact for details. Product mix includes Start-Up Consultancy, Career Consultancy, Strategic Marketing Solutions, Strategic Alliances, Joint-Ventures and Business Takeovers.

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The Gemstone Fraud

Can Gemstones actually work against you? Can the impact be real serious? The answer is a big Yes. No matter how qualified your Astrologer is, you should refrain from wearing Gemstones. It may even cost you your life. Following are the logical arguments against wearing Gemstones:

  1. It’s an era of technology, and every Astrologer either has his own website, or has a presence through Social media. Read their posts regarding Gemstones. You will be shocked to find that almost every Astrologer has his own version of Gemology. A principal of Gemology which is good for a particular Astrologer is criticized by the other. When they themselves are unsure about the exact impact of Gems, the probability is that some may be right and some may be wrong. But try reading the posts of leading Astrologers and not the Novices. Even they differ in their interpretation. If there are so many dilemmas, how can you try risking your Career/ Health based on this uncertainty?
  2. Can a Gemstone create an irreversible impact on your health? There is no mechanism to measure what slow chemical changes take place in your body after you wear a Gemstone. Even medical tests can’t measure the impacts at an early stage. Gemstones have the Power to impact the chemical balance of your body. If worn for your career, they may impact your health. If worn for a particular disease, it may treat that disease, but how can you be sure that it is not sowing seeds for another disease. The logic is simple. You take a medicine for Blood pressure, and it may treat your Blood Pressure. But is it detrimental for your kidneys? Fortunately, medical science works through diagnosis, and Doctors recommend medical tests before prescribing a medicine. Do Astrologers have the capability to measure each and every chemical change in your body resulting from a Gemstone? The impact may not be visible immediately as Chemical reactions in the body slowly take the shape of a demon. Decide yourself as it may be more a question of belief. But if you believe in Science and Logic, don’t let your Astrologer play with your health.
  3. Do the Astrologers have an ulterior motive in selling Gemstones to you? My answer is through a Counter question. Do you know a Jeweller who can share his secrets with you? If yes, just ask him how much commission he pays to the Astrologers. Almost every Jeweller who sells Gemstones has an under the table arrangement with the Astrologers of his locality. In many cases, this arrangement is through Jeweller’s associations. That’s the Business model of both Astrologers and Jewellers. Most of the Astrologers won’t charge from you upfront, but will try to earn from you through Gemstones and illogical remedies. Can this lead to a Gemstone in your finger whether it suits you or not? Think about it.
  4. Gemstones can have detrimental impact on your career also. Every planet in your horoscope is meant to play a unique role in your life/ career/ business. Altering the strength of one planet can have a detrimental impact on the other planet. For instance, Saturn is an emotionless planet while Moon is the planet which controls your mind and hence your emotions. Creativity also comes through emotions. What happens when your whole career is based on creativity, and your Astrologer recommends a Gemstone which strengthens your Saturn? Does your astrologer consider the Horoscope of your Career/ Business/ Profession before recommending a Gemstone to you? And in management language, is he aware about Job Description of the post you are holding?
  5. Continuing with point 4, such kind of alterations can have a bad impact on your personal relationships also. You may not be even aware about this aspect. Gemstones may even change the Love equation between Husband and Wife. Isn’t this Serious? Can your Astrologer tell you the quantum of change in relationship equations?

In nutshell, Gemstones can have both negative and positive impacts, and there is no mechanism to measure the exact negative impacts of a Gemstone. Even the most qualified Astrologer can’t give a logical answer to this. My purpose of writing this Blog Post is to make you aware that you should always do a reality check of your beliefs and traditions before playing with the important aspects like Health/ Career/Relationships.

I am a Management Astrologer and provide Business/ Career/ Profession consultancy based on combined principles of Management and Astrology. We may be perceived as costly when it comes to upfront fee, but our results are measurable in monetary terms. Instead of readymade and illogical remedies, if you want to work your way to success, and that too in optimum time, you are welcome to the World of Management Astrology.

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P.S: We provide Business/Career Consultancy based on Management Astrology, and are looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad. Kindly contact for details. Product mix includes Start-Up Consultancy, Career Consultancy, Strategic Marketing Solutions, Strategic Alliances, Joint-Ventures and Business Takeovers.

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Ketu's link with Maslow's need Hierarchy Theory

How can we define Ketu in Management terms? Ketu acts as a braking system which prevents you in your progress towards the material world. It’s not necessarily bad as it may be the best thing for you if you want to become a Virtual Priest or a Sadhu. However, if you are in a Job, Business or profession, you have to deal in clear terms with the tendencies which become hurdles in your material progress. The common symptoms of Ketu impacting your life are “feeling unsatisfied with your current profession or Job, feeling depressed about your future, ideas in your mind which find ethical faults in your profession, having the urge to leave everything and settle in Himalayas or a peaceful place, having sudden and extreme religious tendencies, developing a sense of hatred towards the material World”. If you already have earned enough in your life, or have already discharged your duties towards your family, go ahead with these feelings and enjoy the rest of your life in peace. If you are still young and are yet to achieve your material Goals in life, you need to take these tendencies head on. While traditional Astrology depends solely on Mahadasha or Antardasha of Ketu in personal Horoscope, Management Astrology takes in to account the diagnosis (through one’s behavior), looks at the Mahadasha and Antardasha of the Horoscope of your Industry type/ Product Type/ Company specific Horoscope, and also takes into account the Horoscope of our Society (Traditional Astrology is ignorant about these aspects).

The remedy lies in Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, which is also supported by logic from Numerology. Before moving ahead on this, let’s understand logically the reason behind such tendencies. Ketu Mahadasha or Antardasha is preceded by Mercury’s and succeeded by Venus’s Mahadasha/ Antardasha. Mercury is materialism and Practicality, and last stage of this Mahadasha/ Antardasha belongs to Saturn. Those who understand Astrology will understand the tendency of Saturn to take the situations to a large scale. In Management terms, excess of everything is bad. Thus, when materialism and practicality reach enormous proportions, the natural tendency of a human being is to take a step back (the quantum of this step back varies from person to person). This step back is dangerous if the quantum is big, happens early in your life when you are yet to achieve your material goals. Important to note is that Ketu’s Mahadasha/ Antardasha is succeeded by Venus which will again take you towards materialism. Thus, if you treat Ketu as a temporary pause, and manage it well, you are ready to enjoy comforts of life during Venus’s Mahadasha/ Antardasha. If it is a bigger pause, and results in material detachment, you struggle during Venus’s Mahadasha/ Antardasha.

If you have studied Management or Psychology, you must have heard about Maslow’s need Hierarchy theory. For those who are unaware, Abraham Maslow proposed a Theory of Motivation in 1943, which describes how a Human grows and gets motivated in his life to achieve various needs. He describes various levels of needs, starting with Physiological needs like food, shelter, sleep, clothing, and physical desires. Physiological needs form the basic level of need hierarchy. In Astrology, these needs are represented by Venus. Next in the level of needs is Safety needs, then Love/ Belongingness, Self-Esteem, Self-Actualization, and then on the top is Self-transcendence (added in the later years). Self-Transcendence means devoting one’s life towards selfless concern and spiritualism. In Hindu Religion, Self-Transcendence is known as the Journey towards Moksha. In pure management terms, Moksha is when you start feeling that you have achieved every Goal in your life. And interestingly, in Astrology, Ketu leads you towards Moksha. Now let’s come back again to Mahadasha/ Antardasha. In Vedic Astrology, Vishmottri Dasha (cycle of Mahadasha’s in a set Chronology) starts with Ketu and ends at Mercury, which doesn’t necessarily mean the end of life, but start of a new cycle. And important to note is that Moksha is nothing but highest state of mind and Self-transcendence is also the highest state of mind. Even more interesting is that Ketu in Astrology is not a real planet, but an imaginary planet, which again indicates towards State of Mind.  My question is how is the chronology of Vishmottri Dasha similar to the chronology of Maslow’s need hierarchy theory? Just for the information of the readers, the Chronology of Vishmottri Mahadashas is Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury, and this chronology has a direct co-relation with the chronology of needs mentioned in Maslow’s need hierarchy (will discuss this in detail through a separate Blog-Post. I have mentioned a small bit in my previous posts). Then a new cycle starts again with Ketu. Does it prove the scientific basis of Astrological Calculations?

The real problem starts when Mahadasha of Ketu falls right in the middle of our productive years. And why Mahadasha, we all go through Antardasha and Pratyantar Dasha of Ketu several times in our life. And icing on the Cake is present Mahadasha of Mercury in our society which denotes rapid ups and downs. In Management terms, Ketu is said to impact your life when you start shifting your life goals from materialism towards spiritualism. Have you heard the famous dialogue in Indian Society “Sab Moh Maya Hai”? If this dialogue starts attracting you in the middle of your productive years, it’s high time that you start managing your Ketu. And how does one do it? Since Ketu denotes end of a cycle and beginning of a new cycle (Transition period), the answer lies in again starting with the basic needs mentioned in Maslow’s need hierarchy theory like love for an even better house, love for even better clothing and so on. Never let Ketu de-motivate you. Important to remember is that Ketu is again followed by Venus, which will necessarily take you back again into the material world. And if you waste those precious years of Ketu, you will have to repent in Venus’s period. Ketu’s purpose is only to give you a reality check, to put a little break to materialism so that you can set higher material goals in life.

Now a little bit of Numerology. Ketu is denoted by number 7. The Physiological needs I mentioned above are represented by Venus and the number is 6. The idea is to add Venus to Ketu, and the equation is

7+6 = 13 which when further added gives Number 4. Rahu denotes number 4 which means an extreme form of materialism. So, an effective way to manage our Ketu is to keep us motivated towards materialism by setting higher materialistic Goals. If you really want to retire from your life, then that’s a separate issue.

The real issue with Ketu is that the person undergoing Ketu is usually unaware of these symptoms. That’s why we through Management Astrology forewarn a person and his family well in advance about the periods which may lead to such kind of behavior. We also look at the horoscopes of Businesses/ Professions/ Careers in general to predict such kind of similar behaviors on mass scale. For instance, Ketu represents the decline stage of Product Life cycle. If a Product is approaching the decline stage, we look for remedies for Ketu not only for that product, but also for the humans associated with that product. It is different from Ketu in Individual horoscopes, and unfortunately Traditional Astrology has no clue of such kind of modern concepts.

P.S: We provide Business/Career Consultancy based on Management Astrology, and are looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad. Kindly contact for details. Product mix includes Start-Up Consultancy, Career Consultancy, Strategic Marketing Solutions, Strategic Business Alliances, Joint-Ventures and Business Takeovers.

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Defining Goddess Lakshmi through Management Astrology

In Hindu Religion, Lakshmi Ji is known as the goddess of Good fortunes and prosperity. You will always find Lakshmi Ji beside Vishnu Ji in Hindu Temples. But have you wondered why Goddess Saraswati Ji and Ganesha Ji are present along with Lakshmi Ji in idols particularly dedicated to Lakshmi Ji? This post defines Lakshmi Ji in Management terms taking cues from the Idol of Lakshmi Ji along with Goddess Saraswati Ji and Ganesh Ji. This idol becomes the basis of many remedies in Management Astrology.

Goddess Saraswati is the Goddess for formal Knowledge and Communication. Ganesh Ji is known for his intellect and application of knowledge. The name Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksh meaning Goal. So the literal meaning of the idol described in first paragraph is that our formal knowledge/ communication should always be in harmony with our intellect, and should always be directed towards a Goal. That’s how we achieve good fortunes and prosperity in our Life/Career/Business. So the equation is:

Goddess Saraswati (Formal Knowledge, Communication) + Ganesh Ji (Intellect, Application of Knowledge) = Goddess Lakshmi (Achievement of our Goals in Life, Good Fortune, Prosperity).

Since the Size of Goddess Saraswati and  Ganesh Ji in the Idol is almost the same, both these components should be present in same proportion for steady path towards achieving Goals.

Have you heard about the Principal of KISS in Management? KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple Stupid, which states that most systems work well if they are kept simple. Now I’ll give a very small dose of Management Astrology which is simple, Laksh (Goal) oriented, and not complicated like Traditional Astrology. Goddess Saraswati (formal knowledge and communication) mentioned in the picture discussed above represents Jupiter, Ganesh Ji (Intellect and application of knowledge) represents Mercury and Lakshmi Ji (Good fortune and prosperity) represents Venus.

So, we can rephrase the equation mentioned above as

Jupiter + Mercury in equal proportion = Venus (Kindly note that in this equation, Jupiter comes first. For application of knowledge, you need to first acquire knowledge)

Many remedies in Management Astrology are based on the above equation. Most of the problems in modern day society are because of the imbalance between Jupiter and Mercury. For instance, Most of the modern day Businesses are so obsessed with application of knowledge that they forget about the basics. For instance, Banks issue loans on the basis of fancy financial ratios as well as fancy financial projections. While doing so, they forget one basic fact, i.e. when everyone is trying to get a much bigger share from the same cake many are bound to remain hungry. If there is a mechanism to add up financial projections provided by various Business Houses to different Banks for similar Business categories, and if these figures are matched with the projected Industry growth rate before issuing Loans, future Bank NPA’s will subside substantially.

Similarly, in this competitive world, where everyone wants to increase his market share, Businesses come up with many out of the Box Marketing ideas. Some ideas work while many flop. Why? Because they never bother to check one basic fact i.e. Are these out of the box ideas (application of knowledge, Mercury) in conformity with the basics of Marketing (Jupiter). That’s why I always suggest Businesses to adopt the concept of regular Marketing Audits.

Same is with individuals. We need to accept one fact that with the use of technology, everyone’s intellect level has enhanced. If we really want to achieve bigger goals, we should enhance our level of basic knowledge, and bring it to the level of that enhanced intellect and Vice Versa. Yes, the opposite of this is also true. Mass Scale Production as well as Technology is a direct By-Product of application of knowledge (Mercury). How do we weaken our mercury to bring it to the level of Jupiter so that the balance is restored?  The simple answer is Customization. If you are looking to start a new Business, Go for Business models which don’t require mass production, and in which technology (Mercury) plays a supporting role. Stick to the old school basics of serving the needs of your customers better than your competitors. Your market size may become smaller, but since you are providing a customized product to your customer which serves his needs better than an MNC, you are more likely to create a profitable niche for yourself. Yes, we provide Start-Up Consultancy.

Summing up the above always set and achieve your goals by using your intellect and basics in the right proportion. Since the present Society is more application oriented, try to find success in the basics. Management Astrology is based on using the basic learning from our Religious Books/ Astrology / Management and provides modern, scientific and effective solutions. We aim to define Traditional Astrology/ all Religious Books/ Religious Symbols as well as Mantras in management and scientific terms so that everyone can receive the real benefits from this vast treasure.

P.S: We provide Business/Career Consultancy based on Management Astrology, and are looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad. Kindly contact for details. Product mix includes Start-Up Consultancy, Career Consultancy, Strategic Marketing Solutions, Strategic Alliances, Joint-Ventures and Business Takeovers.

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Brahminwaad in Traditional Astrology?Let's Change it

This post is not against Brahmins but against Brahminwaad in Astrology. I am a Brahmin by caste, and I have already explained in one of my previous posts that a Brahmin means the one who is always open to learning, and doesn’t shy away from accepting his mistakes and learning from his mistakes. Caste is just a Surname. Also, there is a difference between Brahmin and Brahminwaad.

Did you know that like our society, there is a caste system in Astrology? And did you know that you are being fooled by Traditional Astrologers?  Let me explain it through the concept of debilitation in Astrology. Debilitation means weakness. According to traditional Astrology, Jupiter belongs to Brahmin caste while Saturn belongs to Shudra Caste. Interestingly, Jupiter becomes debilitated in the sign Capricorn, which belongs to Saturn. I read many explanations in Astrological Books for Jupiter’s debilitation. One significant reason mentioned in almost every book and almost every astrological theory is that Jupiter is benevolent and spiritualistic, and Saturn makes it too practical and materialistic. Is being materialistic and practical wrong? And if being materialistic and practical is right, is there some basic defect in the analysis by traditional astrologers?

Now, the Brahminwaad theory. The main role of Jupiter in traditional Astrology is Education and Knowledge. Jupiter is a preacher. Saturn is a Shudra, and thus its role is service, and also to practice what is being preached. So, can we conclude that Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, the Saturn’s sign, because it has to himself practice what he is preaching? There are many definitions of Brahminwaad, and one of them is to preach and to guide others to follow what you are preaching. What happens when we preach only and don’t practice what we are preaching? People will stop taking us seriously. Every Individual follows Brahminwaad when he doesn’t practice what he preaches.  Jupiter is also linked with fat and obesity. Is Brahminwaad the reason for Obesity? It is, and the following paragraphs will make it clear.

Traditional astrology recommends enchanting Mahamrityunjaya Mantra as well as enchanting Hanuman Chalisa as prominent remedies for the bad effects of Saturn. Only enchanting? Not Practicing? They don’t recommend practicing these two remedies because neither do they believe in the concept of practicing, nor have they ever bothered to know how to practice these two. Can you outsource your morning walk? This is what you are trying to do when you appoint someone else to enchant Mahamityunjaya mantra for you. For knowing how to practice Mahamrityunjaya mantra for your health, watch my video dated August 8th, 2018 posted on my blog To know how to practice Mahamrityujaya Mantra for your Business/Career, read my book “Attain Divine Marketing Powers through Hanuman Chalisa, Volume-1, which is available on Amazon. Enchanting is faith in God and God will help us only when we practice what he has taught through religious books.

Saturn is a planet which demands physical action and labor. For rectifying defects from Saturn, can a remedy work which doesn’t involve Physical Labor and action? How many remedies recommended by Traditional Astrology involve burning your calories to achieve your targets? Just think about it. And that’s why most of us face our most difficult times during Sade Saati of Saturn. Hanuman Chalisa is a prefect remedy for Saturn. But how to practice Hanuman Chalisa? Only enchanting won’t work. Every Doha and Chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa has a deep management and Astrological meaning. Hanuman Ji’s life teaches us how to act physically to achieve our targets, and in the same spirit, I defined each and every Doha and Chaupai of Hanuman Chalisa in Management and Astrological terms. I am practicing what I define and preach, and I also help Individuals/ Businesses/Professions/Careers in sticking to their action plans based on Hanuman Chalisa.

Practicing what has been preached in our religious books is the real difference between remedies of Traditional Astrology and Management Astrology. And the results can be measured in quantifiable terms. Even the analysis by Management Astrology is logical and relevant to the real world. If you still want to live in an imaginary World, keep following Traditional Astrology. If you want real action and results, you are Welcome to the World of Management Astrology.

I am looking for Franchisees throughout India/ Abroad for quick expansion of Management Astrology. Kindly contact me for details

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Creating Budh Aditya Raj Yoga Through Management Astrology

Budh Aditya Rajyog is a rare Raj Yoga which can turn you into a famous and successful personality. As the name suggests, it is formed when Budh (Mercury) and Aditya (Sun) are placed in the same house. Traditional Astrology has not been able to explain convincingly as to why people are not able to benefit from this Yoga although it is present in many Birth Charts. However, you can create this Yoga through Management Astrology even if it is not present in your Birth Chart. Mercury in Management Astrology means application of knowledge and Sun means material resources. Sun also means owner of a Business or your Boss Combination of the two create Budh Aditya Raj Yoga. This is an extremely important Yoga in Current times since the ruler is Mercury. Rahu also plays an important role in achieving Budh Aditya Raj Yoga and the role has been explained towards the end of this Post.

Let’s first understand the management meaning of Budh Aditya Raj Yog. The house where your Mercury is present usually denotes the areas where you are naturally good at applying your knowledge. The probability of success or failure depends upon the Zodiac Sign and the placement of owner of that Zodiac Sign. If for instance, Mercury is present in fifth house in Libra, the owner of fifth house is Venus. Such people are good at creating Brands and that too in the premium segment. You may also be in some other related professions. Mercury is in an extremely good position since it is the Ascendant Lord. Venus will also give good results although minor adjustments can be done depending upon the placement. Following may be the trouble areas:

  1. You need to build your credentials in your field over a sufficiently longer period of time because Budh Aditya Raj Yog is achieved after perseverance. Don’t keep changing tracks, find a suitable track and stick to it.
  2. Create a mechanism which tells the World in clear terms that you are good at your Job.

The next stage is to feed your skills through substantial material resources. If you are in a Business or Profession, seek an investor who can provide material resources. For Gemini Ascendant, it is advisable that you don’t invest your own money for expansion, meaning that you concentrate on your skills, and let someone else bother about the financials and Risks. Both of you can create a fortune through this combination. Ensure that your investor is not too interfering when it comes to the key skills. A suitable legal agreement can ensure this. Stronger your financial partner, stronger will be your Budh Aditya Raj Yog. There can be many small financial partners also (for instance through Franchising or Channel Partners). If you are in a Job, create a self-marketing plan which gets you the assignment and designation of your choice. Best place for you in your organization is the one which lets you show your skills, and which puts you into direct contact with the higher management.

How can I help in achieving your Budh Aditya Raj Yog? I can analyze the potential of your Budh Aditya Raj Yoga through your Horoscope as well as after analyzing your credentials. I can help you in various processes which are pre-conditions for Budh Aditya Raj Yoga. If you are in Business or Profession, I can directly help you in finding investors. If you are in a Job, I can help you create and implement the right Self-Marketing Plan.  

And above all, I can help you with Chanakyaneeti (Radical Thinking). Chanakyaneeti helps you find the quickest path to success, and in your Horoscope, it is depicted through placement of Rahu. This planet is important for two reasons. First, Mercury gives enhanced results in unity with Rahu. Second, since current times belong to Mercury, Rahu anyways can’t be neglected.

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WaheGuru, The Guru Mantra

WaheGuru is a magical mantra which has been sending positive and calming vibes to my inner core since my Childhood. It’s only now that I have started understanding the true meaning. And it’s Just the beginning. In my book “Attain Divine Marketing Powers through Hanuman Chalisa”, I mentioned the need to approach God as our Guru. If we don’t follow his teachings, it limits his power to help us. Sikhism is a religion which is based purely on the teachings of The Guru. Through this post, I am announcing the beginning of my quest for Management Lessons from Sikh Religion and Gurbani.

As per, WaheGuru implies wonder at the Divine Light which eliminates Spiritual Darkness and illuminates our inner core with truth. WaheGuru is the Primary mantra of Sikhism. The meaning is amazingly close to the first line of first Doha of Hanuman Chalisa

श्रीगुरु चरण् सरोजरज, निजमनमुकुर सुधार

Shree-Guru Charan Saroja-Raja, Nija-Mana-Mukura Sudhaar

The meaning is “With the Dust of the Lotus Feet of Sri Gurudev, I Clean the Mirror of my Heart”.

Ik Omkkar ੴ is a symbol in Sikhism which represents one supreme reality, and is central tenet of Sikh Religious Philosophy. When there is a striking similarity between WaheGuru, and first line of Hanuman Chalisa, doesn’t it reinforce the Philosophy of Ik Omkkar? We all have learnt in our Childhood that God is one, but people worship God in different ways. Following Ik Omkkar, I now seek the divine blessings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji to cleanse the mirror of my heart, to illuminate my mind with the divine light which shows me the path to understand Gurbani. I wish to get many lessons for Management from Gurbani. And since this is my beginning, I request my Sikh Brothers to guide me and to Join me in this Journey. 

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Who is a Brahmin? Management Astrology finds answers

Jupiter is the most benefic planet in Astrology and lifts up the whole Horoscope. Brahmin caste is also ruled by Jupiter and it is a belief among many Astrologers that Jupiter is never malefic for a Brahmin. But who is a Brahmin? Do I have the right to be called a Brahmin just because I was born to a Brahmin? It’s true that Jupiter is never malefic for a Brahmin, but let me define a Brahmin first. A Brahmin is the person who has acquired formal knowledge, is a learner throughout his life and always learns from his mistakes. Are you having these three qualities? If yes, Jupiter will never be malefic in your horoscope irrespective of its good or bad placement.

This always is a point of debate whenever I have a discussion on this in my Brahmin community. And most of the times I am at the receiving end. They stick to their Brahmin by Birth theory while I stick to my Management Astrology theory of Brahmin by deeds. Even if Jupiter is bad in a horoscope, positive attitude towards learning can lift up your Jupiter and as a result the whole Horoscope. This is what I call Karm Yoga. (Although learning without application is also a waste, and I have mentioned this in many of my previous Blog Posts).

Without looking at one’s horoscope, I look at these three factors in a person to judge the bad effects of Jupiter:

  1. Did the person neglect formal education during his formative years while he had all the opportunities? Worst are the ones who dropout not to pursue their passion, but just to indulge in dubious or wasteful activities
  2. Is the person not open to learning new things in his life?
  3. Is the person committing the same mistakes every now and then?

If yes, his Jupiter is weak irrespective of its placement in his Horoscope. There is no need to even look at his horoscope. I have seen many live examples around me who are a curse to themselves, to their parents, wife, children as well as the Society as a whole just because of their bad deeds. 

No planetary Yogas can give results unless your Jupiter is strong. And Jupiter is one planet which can be improved only by your deeds towards acquiring knowledge and inculcating a habit of learning throughout your life. If at any stage in your life you start considering yourself as a Guru (no matter the level of your learning and knowledge), be assured that you are weakening your Jupiter.

I aspire to be a Brahmin by my deeds and being a Brahmin by Birth is just a Surname.

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Number 23, Gajkesari Yog and Management Astrology

Numerology holds a significant place in Management Astrology. The concept is foreign to Indian system of Astrology, but there is a direct link which hasn’t been deciphered yet. With this post, I am beginning my Journey to share this hidden treasure with you. Have you heard about Gajkesari Rajyog in Vedic Astrology? It has a direct link with number 23. Number 2 represents Moon and Number 3 represents Jupiter. They both add to Number 5 which represents Mercury. I’ll cover Gajkesari yog in detail some other time, but in brief, Gajkesari yog’s definition in Management Astrology points towards influence of Jupiter on Moon. The planet moon represents our mind and personality, and moon changes its sign in every two and a half days (wavering mind). You may have heard about the great strength we get when we control our mind. Ancient texts mention this in detail, and both Management and Science acknowledge the immense benefits. Gajkesari yog is said to have happened when Jupiter provides a definite and Positive direction to our mind. And what that positive direction should be is determined by number 23.

The Numerology Equation of number 23 is 2+3 =5.

The Management Astrology Equation is Moon + Jupiter = Mercury.

Moon is our mind and personality, Jupiter is knowledge and Mercury is application of knowledge. Mercury also represents intellect as well as capacity to manage change. So Gajkesari Yog will give results (material Gains) when we acquire knowledge to direct our mind and personality towards application of that knowledge. The result is enhanced intellect, directed intellect as well as the capacity to manage change. This becomes the basis of many remedies in Management Astrology related to Moon, Jupiter and Mercury. The idea is to create a balance between the three.

There is a concept of Karma Yoga in Management Astrology meaning that there are certain sets of combinations in our horoscope which can direct us towards how to create Raj Yogas in our Horoscope with our Karmas. Even if you are not having a Raj Yoga in your Horoscope, you can create it through Karma. If you have understood the above equation of number 23, start acting immediately to achieve your Gaj Kesari Yog even if it is not present in your personal Horoscope. I can help you by identifying the sets of combinations in your Horoscope which can lead to Gaj Kesari Karma Yoga.

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A new Trend from September?

Trend is our Friend. That’s a favorite line among traders and analysts in Stock Market. Similarly, in Management Astrology, we track the trend of planetary movements. September may mark the beginning of a mini trend for the macro factors which may last for a year or so. The planet Mercury which rules the macros at the moment is dependent upon its supporting planets for creating a trend. A new combination of Mercury (66%), Rahu (25%) and Saturn (9%) is emerging from September 2018 which may last till September 2019. How does the Stock market decode this trend? The major planetary trend (which will be prevalent till 2023) started in late 2016, and markets took a positive direction. What direction this trend will take in September 2018 will be clear in a month’s time. Direction can be positive or negative, but the probability is loaded towards negative direction. In Indian context, there will definitely be a fight between macros and micros. However, we shouldn’t forget that along with the decent Indian specific internals, macro conditions worldwide have been positive. If the macros change their trend decisively, Indian markets will also react. In all probability, positive or negative, we’ll get the answers in a month’s time. A little doubt is only because of the nature of planet Mercury which has 66% weightage and is dual and deceptive in nature.

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