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Online Laundry Business Analyzed through Management Astrology

There are two components in this Business, Laundry and Online. The Management Astrology Chart of Laundry belongs to Aquarius Ascendant whereas Management Astrology Chart of an online Business belongs to Virgo Ascendant. Consider the 2nd and 11th house of the Laundry. Second house, the house of wealth is ruled by Pisces, and 11th house, the house of Income from Profession is ruled by Sagittarius. Pisces is the purest form of Jupiter and Sagittarius is the learned form of Jupiter. Laundry Business doesn’t gel with the nature of Jupiter, and hence traditionally, since ages, this has been a Business with Low monetary gains and Low respect. Tenth house, the house of profession is ruled by Scorpio (Mars), which also is the ruler of Marketing. The implication is that organized marketing function may bring success in Laundry Business. Which is the most benefic planet in this Chart? The answer is Venus. It owns the 4th and 9th House. This indicates success through Branding. Fifth house is owned by Gemini, which indicates the need for a flexible Business model for success on mass scale (flexibility in everything including pricing, marketing strategies, regular and immediate up- gradation of Technology).

Which is a more suitable model, online or offline? Online Business belongs to Virgo Ascendant. And where is Virgo placed in the Chart of Laundry Business? 8th house, the house of Troubles. There may be initial success because of ownership of 5th house by Gemini in Laundry Chart and ownership of 10th house by Gemini in online Chart. Also, I have clarified in my earlier posts about Capricorn Ascendant of almost all capital cities of the World. Mercury (through Virgo, 9th house) is a benefic planet in the chart of capital cities. Thus, all kinds of online Businesses have a better probability of success in these cities. However, if we analyze all these charts in totality, online Business has to be ultimately supported by offline (Brick and Mortar) Business for longer term survival.

In Brick and Mortar models. Saturn plays an extremely important role. Since the chart of Laundry is owned by Aquarius (Saturn), this model will be a success. However, in Businesses ruled by Saturn, success is not instant. Thankfully, since 5th house is ruled by Gemini, gestation period is not extremely high, meaning that Break-even points may not be instant, but are achievable in a short duration. Lower overheads per Sub-Business Unit are advised. Gemini in 5th house favors rapid expansion. However, with the presence of Jupiter in both the revenue houses (Laundry), planned expansion is the key.

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