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My Chanakyaneeti on Dabur Honey was Right Mr Burman

On April 17th, 2016, I posted an article on my Blog concerning pricing tactics by Dabur Honey. The background of this article was the claim by Mr Amit Burman of Dabur in his interview to CNBC TV18  that they will continue with the premium pricing as it is Science VS Faith in case of Dabur Vs Patanjali . I had explained through Chanakyaneeti about this wrong approach, and had shared this article on Facebook and Twitter.  I had also Tweeted this article to Mr Burman as well as CNBC TV18. Just go to your nearby retailer and compare the prices of Patanjali and Dabur Honey. The price difference is insignificant today as Dabur was forced to introduce various schemes on their Honey to match with the price of Patanjali Honey. The sad part with Dabur is that they understood it after losing a big chunk of their market share to Patanjali Honey. In my latest book on Marketing (Attain Divine Marketing Powers through Hanuman Chalisa Volume 1), I have discussed about the Blue colour in the necks of the customers. It was the same blue colour phenomenon which hit the customers of Dabur Honey. Marketers have to realize fast that they are not living in isolation, and Shree Ram element of today may turn in to Ravan element tomorrow (explained in my Book). All I can say to Mr Amit Burman is "Huzoor Aatey Aatey Bahut Der Kardi".

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