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Chanakyaneeti, PangeyBaaz Style

When one mentions Chanakyaneeti, the first thing which comes into mind is Saam, Daam, Bhed, Dand. It relates to the chronology of tactics suggested by Chanakya for conflict management. You might have heard the word disruptive marketing. Disruptive marketing in simple words is turning traditional marketing rules and tools upside down to create an advantageous position for your marketing offer. PangeyBaaz® is about creating such marketing disruptions by using Saam, Daam, Bhed, Dand.

While disruptive marketing is the new normal for top level organizations, it’s an unknown commodity for most of the middle level organizations and smaller entrepreneurs. PangeyBaaz® creates and suggests Guerrilla Marketing Strategies for Middle Level Organizations and smaller entrepreneurs for creating meaningful and profitable marketing disruptions. Will write more about PangeyBaaz® in my future posts.

Those interested in creating Marketing Disruptions (within reasonable budgets) via Saam, Daam, Bhed, Dand can contact me at 91-9878904347,,


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